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    Default Help!! how to turn query result to string

    I have this code

    while ( {
    String temp = rs.getString("localizacion_hora");
    String [] temp2 = temp.split("\\-");

    sql2 = "SELECT Asignaturas.nombre FROM Asignaturas , Horario WHERE Horario.codigo_asignatura = Asignaturas.codigo_asignatura AND Horario.localizacion_hora = '"+temp+"'";

    rs2 = stmt.executeQuery(sql2);

    new Object[]{rs.getString("codigo_asignatura"), rs.getString("seccion"),
    temp2[0], temp2[3], temp2[1], temp2[2], rs.getString("codigo_profesor")});


    In red is a query that returns one value, a class name, how can i store that in a string ??

    I tried this:
    String temp = rs.getString("Asignaturas.nombre");
    but didnt work =S
    someone told me i should call resultset's next, but i tried that too and it didn't work, maybe im not doing it right (im obviously not doing it right =P)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    You need to use a new statement object (not the same one as for the first query) to set off the second query (and I assume you mean rs2.getString, rather than rs.getString). And yes an or rs.first is needed.
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    Stefany, not sure if you have got the solution if not then apart from what masijade mentioned could you modify
    String temp = rs.getString("Asignaturas.nombre");
    String temp = rs.getString("nombre");

    Possible error there is invalid column name. You can keep alias in the query statement but not in the rs.getString() method.

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