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    Default Multiple InputVerifiers

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I am in the process of developing my first Swing application using Netbeans 6.1 (a port from .NET WinForms). Documentation I have accessed thus far does not clearly explain how to:

    1. Perform multiple field input verifications (inputVerifiers) when clicking an "Apply" button (ActionPerformed event). I don't see a "verifyChildComponentInputs()" method in parental components, such as a JPanel, or one associated with a jButton/jxHyperlink that would implicitly or explicitly call all inputVerifiers.
    2. Can inputVerifiers be used across Swing and JSF application types (verification framework?). I ask so that I don't have to recode inputVerifiers for the same input fields (i.e. telephone number) I plan to use in Swing and JSF authored apps.

    Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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    Java has a remarkable Object inheritance dispatching which I have never tried to grasp in detail. We have a plethora of Masters on the subject who will probably sieze on this as perfection of canon. That's #1.

    For #2 I suggest writing your own verifiy routine, see perhaps TernaryTree for a good study reference.
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