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    Default Listener for print job


    I have a java program that print files. I am using javax.print classes.
    Eveything works fine.
    I have made a Listener to control il the printing job ends correctly or not.

    I am trying to define when:
    - the file is printed correctly
    - the print job is canceled
    - the print job has failed
    - the printer require attention (e.g. needs paper)

    Here is the code:

    PrintJobManagment(DocPrintJob job) {
    // Add a listener to the print job
    job.addPrintJobListener(new PrintJobAdapter() {

    public void printDataTransferCompleted(PrintJobEvent pje) {
    // The print data has been transferred to the print service
    System.out.println("-> 1");

    public void printJobCanceled(PrintJobEvent pje) {
    // The print job was cancelled
    System.out.println("-> 2");

    public void printJobCompleted(PrintJobEvent pje) {
    // The print job was completed
    System.out.println("-> 3");

    public void printJobFailed(PrintJobEvent pje) {
    // The print job has failed
    System.out.println("-> 4");

    public void printJobNoMoreEvents(PrintJobEvent pje) {
    // No more events will be delivered from this
    // print service for this print job.
    // This event is fired in cases where the print service
    // is not able to determine when the job completes.
    System.out.println("-> 5");

    public void printJobRequiresAttention(PrintJobEvent pje) {
    // The print service requires some attention to repair
    // some problem.
    // Example: running out of paper would cause this event
    // to be fired.
    System.out.println("-> 6");

    void setStatus(int iStatus) {
    synchronized (PrintJobManagment.this) {
    iResult = iStatus;
    System.out.println("IRESULT: " + iStatus);


    * This method is used to wait until the job has an event that will terminate it.
    public synchronized int waitForDone() {
    try {
    // If no event were executed or if only the data transfert event were
    // launched executed or if the canceled job event were launched there
    // is nothing to be done.
    while (iResult==0)

    } catch (InterruptedException e) {
    return iResult;

    However, every time, the printJobNoMoreEvents is executed. It means that the print service cannot determine the status of the current job.

    Why this is happening?

    What can I do for the print service be able to control the job status?


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