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    Default rounding a double in a number of significant numbers

    After calulating some number i need to round the result into a "variable" (only 2 or 3) number of significant figures.

    0.00245 2 --> 0.0025 3 --> 0.00245
    5141.0 2 --> 5100.0 3 --> 5140.0
    1.0202 2 --> 1.0 3 --> 1.02

    I couldn't found a standard solution in the JAVA API. I tried the Decimal formatter but this only rounds to a number of figures behind the . (I don't know the exact english term but 0.000022115 is shown as 0.00 instead of 0.000022).

    There is a mathematical formula for rounding. I implemented as following in my code:

    static public Double roundDouble(Double l_value, Integer a_NumberOfSignificantFigures)

    Double l_roundedvalue = null;

    if (l_value != null && a_NumberOfSignificantFigures > 0 && l_value > 0.0)
    // this truncates all irrelevant numbers
    double l_exp = Math.floor((Math.log10(l_value)- a_NumberOfSignificantFigures + 1));
    double l_power = Math.pow(10, l_exp);

    l_roundedvalue = Math.floor((l_value/l_power) + 0.5) * l_power;

    // if rounding is not possible return original result
    l_roundedvalue = l_value;

    return l_roundedvalue;

    To display the rounded values I use the toString() method.

    The result is that in most cases the result is as expected but for some there result is shown as:

    250.000000000002 or 0.00000098000004.

    I am aware of the fact that this happens with floating point precision.

    However I'm looking for a solution to print the two examples above as 250.0 and 00000098 (in case of 2 significant figures). I don't want to use the scientific notation.

    The only solution I can think of is to write my own string formatter to display the doubles correct. However I cannot imagine there isn't a standard java solution to this problem.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Default Hello...


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    I found the solution (on another forum):

    This can easily be achieved through BigDecimal:

    import java.math.BigDecimal;
    import java.math.MathContext;
    import java.math.RoundingMode;

    public class SignificantFigures {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
    double a = 123.4567;
    double b = 0.1234567;
    double c = 7.654321;
    double d = 7654321;

    System.out.println(getSignificant(a, 4));
    System.out.println(getSignificant(b, 4));
    System.out.println(getSignificant(c, 4));
    System.out.println(getSignificant(d, 4));

    public static String getSignificant(double value, int sigFigs) {
    MathContext mc = new MathContext(sigFigs, RoundingMode.DOWN);
    BigDecimal bigDecimal = new BigDecimal(value, mc);
    return bigDecimal.toPlainString();

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