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    Default Reading growing files

    I am reading (over NFS) growing files just like tail -f does. I am using a simple code:

    Java Code:
    BufferedReader	bf = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(fileName));
    String line;
    while (true) {
      line = bf.readLine();
    	if (line == null) {
    	else {
    I noticed that when a file is growing some lines I've just read have some "bad" character in the beginning (they actually replace a "good" ones) that look like this in vi:

    I can catch "bad" chars using:
    Java Code:
    char firstChar = line.charAt(0);
    if (Character.isISOControl(firstChar)) ....
    Same story if I am reading bytes or reading ByteBuffer via FileChannel.
    I wonder if anyone experienced the same.

    The workaround is to use RandomAccessFile, seek back N bytes and re-read them; but I still wonder what causes such behavior.
    Using: jdk1.6.0_06, RedHat 2.6.9-67, Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E7220 @ 2.93GHz
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