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    Default I Am In Dire Need Of Help

    I am completely new to java. I know a very little of the subject. I have been assigned a project. Have to submit in two days. so somebody please help me out.
    i am using Eclipse CalistoIDE. Jboss is the applicatin server. SQL wikll be at the back end. if somebody could provide the full solution it would be of immense help. please help me.

    The Problem Statement

    ABC hotel management system is planning to automate its reservation system online. ABC Hotel has AC and Non-AC rooms. Some rooms are 2 bed rooms and some are 3 bed rooms. Hotel manager should have a facility to do the following-

    1) Add rooms which include the availability (vacant or occupied) of each room
    2) View all rooms in the hotel

    While customer calls in to check the availability of a room, Hotel manager will get the requirements of the customer in terms of 2 or 3 bedrooms, AC/Non-AC and accordingly check the whether the room is available.
    If available, hotel manager collects the customer name and address and allocate him a room number. Hotel manager should be able to view all occupied rooms with customer details.
    Before starting coding of the above application in J2EE, please complete the following
    i. identify the entities/classes
    ii. identify the attributes and methods
    iii. identify the JSPs and servlets

    The application needs to be built in J2EE and complaint with MVC architecture.


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    Quote Originally Posted by diptarka.ray View Post
    I Am In Dire Need Of Help
    Yes, you are, and until you show some effort on your homework you aren't going to get any. BTW, no one here is going to do your homework for you.

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    Nobody's going to give you an assignment of that scope, and only give you 2 days to complete it. Ergo, we can only conclude that you've been dawdling and procrastinating and thinking "I'll just get the Internet to do it". Ah well, if only life really was that easy, eh!

    Good luck! Take the poor mark in good stead and learn from your mistakes.

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