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    Default Factory loading

    Hi Members,

    Hope you would be doing great. And coming to my topic.

    I have a factory loading class, on changing my input parameter factory loading has to be done.

    My code:
    // instance declaration
    Line 1: private static BugTrackerFactory instance;

    Line 2: public static synchronized FactoryClass getInstance(String className)
    Line 3: {
    Line 4: //instance = null; (
    Line 5: //only if 'instance' is == 'null', it creates a new instance
    Line 6: if ( instance == null )
    Line 7: {

    Line 8: instance = new FactoryClass(className); // constructor call with single argument
    Line 9: }

    return instance;

    Note: here in this code, when i change the className(input parameter), with the new class name, the instance is not getting 'null', instead it is holding the instance of the previous class. For this i have declared the instance as 'null', in the code(line number 4), within the constructor method... is it right way of coding.

    Please do suggest me some useful tips in this.


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    please specify the Whole code .. i think the static is the culprit and i can see you have commented line 4 is it same in the code too.

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    You have coded a singleton pattern class. Only ONE instance of the class is supposed to be created.
    What do you intend to happen?
    The arg className does NOT have any influence on whether a new instance is created.

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