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    Smile Help me out in compiling the source code

    hi friends...........

    I am facing lot of problems when i am compiling the source code of latest version java7 which i have downloaded from the site .


    I am using Red hat4 enterprise edition operating system.
    it is give the messages like messing libraries like ;)

    and even after setting the path for the jar files and the above libraries
    still i am facing the same problem :confused: :confused: :confused:

    can any one help in compiling the source code of java7

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    You have a lot of information missing in your post, please directly post the error messages inside code tags - verbatim - exactly as compiler is giving them.
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    Default i have finally got compiled

    thanks to all..........

    finally i got compiled my source code that i have downlaod i.e openjdk7 source code.

    Now i am facing with another problem ??

    the problem is there are around 40 thousands of files in that and i have to find that main files which mainly used for making the javac and java in that .
    i have gone through so many class loader files in that source code but i could not find the file where i can exactly make the change and have a look for my output like....

    when i type as
    $java -version

    openjdk version"1.7.0-internal"
    openJDK Runtime Environment(build 1.7.0-internal-jars..........)
    openJDK Client VM(BUild 12.0-b01, mixed mode)

    here can we change in place of openJDK some other name .......
    and which is the class loader file to load this javac or java when it is executed from the command prompt.

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