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    Default Array initialization difference

    Hi, can anybody tell me the difference betweeen

    ClassX inst[] = { new ClassX() };


    ClassX[] inst = null;
    inst[0] = new ClassX();

    What modifications should be made in the second paragraph to make it work?


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    Default hhhmmm... maybe...

    In the second example it looks like you're trying to instantiate a class into an array (not assign a class as the first element of an array). Maybe this would work:
    Java Code:
      ClassX[] inst = null;
      ClassX myClassX = new ClassX();
      inst[0] = { myClassX };

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    Have you written a test program to see what the difference is?
    Would save a lot of time and the answer would be correct.

    The second line group creates a pointer but does NOT create an instance of an array. Ie inst[0] does not exist.
    Does the first one compile?

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