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    Question Float and double to binary

    How do I perform float and doubles to binary. For float I have tried
    Java Code:
    But the answer doesnt seem to be right. When I input a value '1' into the above function, I get an output
    Java Code:
    which is definitely wrong.

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    was value an int? Does java convert it to an int to float to match the parms for that method?
    The API doc for that method says:
    Bit 31 (the bit that is selected by the mask 0x80000000) represents the sign of the floating-point number. Bits 30-23 (the bits that are selected by the mask 0x7f800000) represent the exponent. Bits 22-0 (the bits that are selected by the mask 0x007fffff) represent the significand (sometimes called the mantissa) of the floating-point number.

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    To pick apart/interpret the value returned from the Float.floatToIntBits method see its description in the Method Detail section of the Float class api.
    Also, a couple of resouce links:
    IEEE 754-1985
    IEEE 754 Converter
    Java Code:
    public class Test {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            float f = -118.625f;
            int intBits = Float.floatToIntBits(f);
            int rawIntBits = Float.floatToRawIntBits(f);
            System.out.printf("f = %f  intBits = %d  " +
                              "rawIntBits = %d%n", f, intBits, rawIntBits);
            float toFloat = Float.intBitsToFloat(intBits);
            System.out.printf("toFloat = %f%n", toFloat);
            int sign     = intBits & 0x80000000;
            int exponent = intBits & 0x7f800000;
            int mantissa = intBits & 0x007fffff;
            System.out.printf("sign = %d  exponent = %d  mantissa = %d%n",
                               sign, exponent, mantissa);
            String binarySign = Integer.toBinaryString(sign);
            String binaryExponent = Integer.toBinaryString(exponent);
            String binaryMantissa = Integer.toBinaryString(mantissa);
            System.out.printf("binarySign     = %s%nbinaryExponent = %s%n" +
                              "binaryMantissa = %s%n", binarySign,
                               binaryExponent, binaryMantissa);

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    thats what I wanted to know. How to handle the mantissa?

    thanx again

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