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    Default Random Points inside a Polygon

    Hi all
    I need to create 3 random points inside a hexagon whose median I have.
    I used the following logic, but all I am getting is points on the median and not around it within the boundary.
    Can someone please help me correct my logic.

    Description of variables:
    x1 and y1 are the median of the hexagon.
    r is the radius of the hexagon

    Java Code:
    int x1 = vnuBS.returnBSList().get(i).getMedianPoint().x;
    int y1 = vnuBS.returnBSList().get(i).getMedianPoint().y;
    double x = x1 + r * Math.cos(generator.irand(0,360));
    double y = y1 + r * Math.sin(generator.irand(0,360));
    if (x > x1)
    	x = x1 - (rand.nextFloat() % r);
    	x = x1 + (rand.nextFloat() % r);
    System.out.println("x:  "+x);
    if (y > y1)
    	y = y1 - (rand.nextFloat() % r);
    	y = y1 + (rand.nextFloat() % r);
    Any help will be much appreciated.

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    I've been away from academic math for a while.
    What are the various variables used for? why are x,y double vs int
    Can you explain the logic of your code?

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