Hello all,

Is anyone using the MultiDocPrintService? I have a Xerox Nuvera and Docutech printers to which I need to print from Linux and Win32 platforms using Java 1.5.

The PrintServiceLookup.getMultiDocPrintServices() never finds anything, regardless of what DocFlavor and Attributes I give it.
The PrintServiceLookup.getPrintServices() does marginally better. For DocFlavor.INPUT_STREAM.AUTOSENSE it finds printers, but adding any attributes to the AttributeSet patameter, such as Sides.Duplex, causes the method to return an empty array.

Oddly, if I leave the AttributeSet empty and examine what the getSupportedAttributeCategories() returns, I see javax.print.attribute.standard.Sides.

The trouble is, I need to be able to specify options, such as Sides.DUPLEX and multiple copies and, above all, submit multiple PDF files as one job.

Any suggestions how to get this resolved will be most appreciated.