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    Default Tomcat5: changing url (includes port and etc)

    Hi and good day to you... ;) i don't know where to ask this question, reason why i just put it here on Advance Java... Thanks

    I would like to ask if there's anything you know on how to change url on a web browser (i dont know the correct term for this) so here it goes... The set up is this... currently we have a server running in linux, let's say ip address it was change by the other team so when u input the wording "http:\\thissite" on the i.e. address bar it points to a/m url...
    Currently it is working... (thanks to the i.t. guy here) but the user requested that upon entering the "http:\\thissite".. as a whole it should include this address\web - as u can see port 8080 is for tomcat... currently installed on and \web which points to the web.war of the application... (whooo..) (",).. So may i ask if u got any idea where to start so that when i input the "http:\\thissite" it points to the web application... got a whole day of work searching for the solution yesterday and still got nothing or any idea how this should work... thanks very much for your help ... regards...

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    Tomcat's conf directory contains server.xml in that file you need t add host entry for your domain
    try googling ......


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