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    Default Spell check in Textarea.

    How do I work with spell checking in text area.

    In my application I have created a textarea(which includes a stanard html), here user can give the comments or give the message. Now my requirement is spell check for the user entered text here. I have downloaded some code and incorporated.

    when I check for spell check, the application displaying two text area boxes(one is the original and other one source code for the standard HTML).

    can some one help on this..

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    Is the data displayed as HTML source or is it formatted as per the markup rules?
    By comparing the original text (without user input) against the new text with the user input, you can see what the user entered.
    Then scan that for spelling.

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    You could do worse than check out the Jazzy Spell Checker ( - I've use it for spell-checking in a JTextArea via a hot-key and a context menu.

    Sorry about the raw link - this dumb forum system won't let me use a proper link.

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