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Thread: Runtime.exec()

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    Question Runtime.exec()

    Hi all,
    I am launching some external applications from java Runtime.exec(). It works fine when everything goes well(i.e the application path is correct, file to launch is ok. etc...) but I wonder is there any way to determine if the application is installed before I launch, since I believe Runtime.exec() does not provide much control after it is called. I just need to know how I can determine if the application exists(installed) before I launch from java . It doesn't have to be using java Runtime but any method would be fine. here is my general scenerio

    1. 1 of 2 applications to lunch
    2. I can assume that the user will have at least one of them installed
    3. depending on what is installed, I willl launch using it
    4. if both of them are installed, I will give the user to select one of them.

    Thanks in advance

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    I assume that the applications are files located somewhere on the OS's path (the PATH environ var in windows, I don't know about other OS). If you can get the value of PATH, then you could look on all the paths for the file that starts the application.

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    You can use the file methods
    if(new File(myapplicationFullPath).exists()){

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