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    Default Sending mail Using JAVAMAIL

    Im trying to send a mail which is failed so many times . Can some body show me with some examples of sending mail using java.
    Can that be achieved without authentication ?

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    You do not need to authenticate if you can find an open mail relay server.
    There is a lot of info if you google javamail. here is one spot.
    JavaMail quick start - Java World
    I have only used mail with the Spring Framework and is simple as pie.
    good luck.

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    Hi peiceonly,

    Check these examples.. "Connecting GMail using POP3 connection with SSL" was working when i tested it. Others should work too if you configure Java Mail properly.

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    Yo dont need authentication normally, pls check my previous post about the same topic.i attached a zip file with that,it is explaining very clearly..


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