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    Default About dynamic HTML framework using JAVA

    Hi guyz,

    I want to develop a project in that I have to extract the properties of javabeans. After extracting the properties, i have to create the HTML file for the extracted properties so that user can view it.
    Its just like a dynamic UI for HTML using java.
    I'm not getting how to solve this problem. Please suggest any solution for this.
    Also tell me about any open source framework for the same.

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    You can use a templating framework such as Velocity, etc. You pass some parameters to the template and generate the html contents.

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    At the simplest level, you can write your HTML as JSP pages, and have Java Beans that connect to it, typically using servlets. You then run your code using something like Tomcat or JBoss or Glassfish.

    Your Java code does its thing (talk to database, read files, calculate stuff, etc.) and then updates portions of the JSP pages, which are displayed to the user in any normal browser.

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