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    Default Encryption-Decryption Problem

    Hi all,

    I am working on encrypting XML file on client-side and Decrypting same file on server-side.
    Encryption is working fine on client side, but during the decryption on server-side I am facing some problem.

    Exception Occured:

    PM decryptToByteArray
    SEVERE: XMLCipher::decryptElement called without a key and unable to resolve ception: No Key Encryption Key loaded and cannot determine using key resolvers
    at ptToByteArray(Unknown Source)
    at ptElement(Unknown Source)
    at al(Unknown Source)
    at RequestDecryption.decryptRequest(RequestDecryption .java:220)

    Please help me to come out from this problem.


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    Basic debugging technique for all crypto code: make sure you can encipher and decihper some trivial text before you do anything else.

    From the traceback, looks like you are not setting the key.

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