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    Default Writing to DTD Document


    I'm a student for software engineering and i'm doing my final project about merging XML documents by merging their DTD's.
    I'm using oracle.xml.parser.v2 Package for this task,
    I'm using DOMParser.parseDTD.getDoctype() to get the DTD documents, and the DTD Object to get the ElementDecl and AttrDecl to do the comparison between the two DTD files.
    The problem is when I want to create new ElementDecl that suits both DTD and than add it to a new DTD file but I don't see any ADD, INSERT, APPEND or SET methods in the DTD class, just GETs methods, so I can't figure out how to write a new DTD file.


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    Default Re: Writing to DTD Document

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    Default Re: Writing to DTD Document

    sorry, didn't knew about Cross Posting ,this question is posted on :


    no help for now,
    it is very important for me so if anyone have any clues or ideas please, please, please reply.

    sorry again.

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