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Thread: struct problem

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    Default struct problem

    hello every one

    i am using struct now a i am facing a problem recently in struts.

    it shows can not create form bean while it was working fine earlier. this is the problem which comes in struts .how we will develop a webapplication with no problem in eclipse with struts.if there is any instruction with struts then please tell me

    thank you

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    for every form u create u need a StrutActionForm and StrutAction

    for example:
    u want to create a Register Form for a user,then
    1. create a form in jsp using Tiles and <html:form> </html:form> type of html(Register.jsp) u create a StrutActionFormBean(bean) were u provide setter and getter methods and validate if u need

    3.then u create an StrutAction were u set input source from (Register.jsp) and provide action name for the StrutAction and provide the same action in (Register.jsp) which takes the parameters from that jsp page

    and your problem is solved!!!!

    u wont get an error!!! for ActionFormBean

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