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  1. Problem while Send message by using watsapp and back to my app again
  2. Java programming or Android programming
  3. Ocr
  4. try/catch exception for textfield?
  5. unable to show some images by url
  6. Connecting app to web hosting?
  7. Changing an XML value dynamically
  8. Google-Play-Services Library
  9. Set spinner value in fragment
  10. How to multiple imageView rotate to center point of other imageView
  11. Error reading web service with android
  12. Do I need permissions for SharedPrefrences?
  13. Java Android Programming
  14. ListView issue - it isn't finding my list for some reason
  15. Gettign Data from Database, Posting it as a ListView in another Activity
  16. How to return a string from java project into android project
  17. Using ListView to Retrieve Data from Database
  18. Weird SOAP response, is it JSON? How to parse it?
  19. Question regarding fragments/activity
  20. Changing Shared Preferences
  21. Why my TOAST not appear?
  22. Create multiple random activities ?
  23. Learning How To Develop Apps
  24. Onlick Button Sound Effect (Android Programming)
  25. Save user input
  26. action_search cannot be resolved or is not a field.
  27. Java.lang.RuntimeException in Android
  28. Platform game
  29. Validate checkbox functionality in java
  30. Java eclipse app programming android
  31. Best way to store images
  32. Creating Layout Programmatically- Questions
  33. Android - How do I detect if user has chosen to share to Facebook or twitter?
  34. Android - How do I share to facebook app, if installed. Otherwise via web facebook (w
  35. Code Logic Works On Windows but not Android
  36. How to make phone calls programmatically in Android?
  37. Edit Text Problem
  38. Android Programming Book
  39. How to Set Up a List of Clickable Images with GridView
  40. NLP using JPL in Android
  41. File search algorithm on Android
  42. How to open a file given a path?
  43. OnItemLongClickListener does not work
  44. Android\Eclipse: Populate the ListView with dynamic Array
  45. [ URGENT ] Barcode Scanner, only for study
  46. Soap Fault (faultcode: soapenv:Client, faultstring:Bad Request)
  47. AsyncTask problem
  48. make a textview deactive
  49. Threads, loadImageFromNetwork - Unfortunately <application> has stopped
  50. Difference between a thread's message queue and event queue
  51. Unfortunately Application has stopped
  52. execSql can't create a table
  53. Cant use seekbar within android app(navigation) drawer from a fragment?
  54. Cast subclass to superclass problem
  55. Whats wrong here?
  56. Multiple versions of android-support-v4
  57. Dual sided App Drawer, Left side works - Right doesn't
  58. Java Android Project
  59. Gathering GPS locations to my phone via bluetooth
  60. How do I create a pair of longitude and latitudes to show a 2 mile radius of a partic
  61. R.id
  62. android:layout_gravity not working
  63. Problem with andorid sdk
  64. multiple buttons to send predefined SMS
  65. Sava/load data from App
  66. Storing information online from Android App - without my own server
  67. Where is the most common place to save a TXT file used for my app?
  68. is there any API for read RFID in android?..,
  69. Why won't Eclipse let me put button in corner?
  70. Quick beginner question on android:theme
  71. Learning java for the andriod
  72. Android volume control
  73. PlaysAndroid.com - самые подр
  74. Android Locale in not working on text to speech
  75. Code is running backwards!!!
  76. Switch statement altering integer variable...help
  77. gui tools are missing?
  78. Send Automatic Email Confimaiton
  79. Where to start
  80. Website with aditional functions using WebView
  81. zooming into canvas - reloading bitmaps in better quality?
  82. Problem display image from base64
  83. Problem display image fro base64
  84. Problem display image fro base64
  85. Creating a simple area map app.
  86. Using ksoap2 to call Soap web services. My application crashes
  87. Wild errors apear!
  88. Can anyone explain me what happens here for the byte array
  89. Understanding a program for calling a SOAP service in android
  90. XML document structures must start and end within the same entity.
  91. Android Paths / Canvas / View /
  92. What Happens inside each ativity Lifecycle call back method?
  93. Why this type casting?
  94. usb hid about communication
  95. Context parameter for an Intent constructor
  96. Eclipse Simulator
  97. http connection problem
  98. Layout Resources
  99. Packages in our app
  100. Button.setText failure when using thread.sleep
  101. how to place apk inside android program?..,
  102. Reusing components of other applications in android
  103. startActivity crashes
  104. How to set timeout for DefaultHttpClient
  105. App crash, issue with links I am guessing!
  106. Crash on Start up with new app, Android Eclipse
  107. Delete the contents of a folder on the SD card
  108. List Music Artist Names
  109. Issue with going "back" and multipule "links"
  110. Random Gen Text along with an Image
  111. unable to store image as binary via JSON
  112. What is the Best Tutorial site for coding Android using Chart representation
  113. -- Temperature Conversion code, please help :-(
  114. 2D Array on a Android screen?
  115. how I could rotate the screen of emulator or AndroVM?????
  116. Tranlsate C# to Java
  117. where is the problem with my fragments?
  118. Parsing the CDATA section in XML using XML Pull Parser
  119. Good Android Game Programing Books?
  120. runtime error
  121. Multicast Message Loss on Android
  122. how to check the presence of sdcard in the android device?
  123. maps api v2
  124. ImageButton problem..
  125. Understand opcode!!!
  126. AVD does'nt work correctly,what should i do?
  127. setsockopt failed ENODEV(no such device)
  128. Creating a Database for a Mobile App
  129. The application has stopped responding
  130. i need help how to remote control mobile to other mobile
  131. what information I should get
  132. Another reason not to extend Application
  133. Bluetooth Obex Android Java
  134. Taking photo automaticlly
  135. [Q] Problem with low volume (framework.jar)
  136. An Error : Failed to configure parser - Help me to fix it -i'm new to android.
  137. Radio Button Random Number Generator
  138. Radio Button Random Number Generator
  139. Using the android camera
  140. maps & gps
  141. any other Way for : oncreate save data from server database to SQLite at 1st launch ?
  142. Trouble with threads and connecting to server
  143. Android alarm set with databse
  144. Telnet Client ?
  145. starting a new activity
  146. LED Notifications
  147. SUPER noob Question
  148. Compatibility
  149. 3D game engines
  150. is any way pass value to previous activity by sharedpreferences
  151. Variable integers
  152. Good place with working OPENGL ES examples with the SDK
  153. How to call an array filled with elements from another class?
  154. Custom cell in ListView.
  155. how to transmit video Via JMF to Android phone
  156. Emulator doesnt start / Android 4.2.2
  157. video from server to android?
  158. Bluetooth sockets not closed
  159. Android accelerometer ball
  160. Adding tabs in webview
  161. db connection in eclipse...
  162. Equality of BluetoothDevices
  163. How to show text (players score) on the screen
  164. why cant I create an avd in which cpu/abi as intel atom(x86)
  165. Java/Android Question
  166. Trouble using Bluetooth
  167. Http Download to file on sdcard
  168. function return 1 > 0 ??
  169. Passing RandomAccessFile stream to another method
  170. Help with login to a website!
  171. How to use data from obtainMessage in Runnable?
  172. Using layout_weight with a relative layout?
  173. (Android) Printing/Clearing DNS Cache...
  174. Error: Connection with adb was interrupted [Android emulator - Eclipse]
  175. Button question
  176. Error when attempting to create/add data to SQLite Database
  177. Confused about project setup
  178. Java matching CSharp (C#) byte.Parse(hex, System.Globalization.NumberStyles.HexNumber
  179. FileNotFoundException when attempting to save android game
  180. Globale variable for all classes
  181. Random selection
  182. [HELP] Linking buttons
  183. Any alternatives for androud emulator for low end PC?
  184. Shared Preferences
  185. Problem with minmax on X O(tic tac toe) android game eclipse
  186. upgrade sqlite from web in android
  187. problem passing a sqlite string value to another class
  188. Android development help
  189. problem while retrieving data from sqlite
  190. How to get latest new from bbc in my android app?
  191. way to upload data from Excell
  192. unable to go to home screen
  193. Access webservice from android device via wifi
  194. Android Web View
  195. Android Tutorials
  196. An app that toggles nodes on a map
  197. Custom Grid view
  198. How to upload a file via FTP. I got that code but only runs on simulator
  199. List
  200. How to get info from ListFragment item
  201. Adding an AVD
  202. SQLite mutiple table update
  203. Intent & action
  204. App chrashing
  205. Convert XL data in to latitude longitude format?
  206. Clear webview cache?
  207. multiline listview need help figuring this out
  208. Questions about app
  209. Question about Admob
  210. need help with mainactivity.java
  211. Change a public boolean value from another activity
  212. Android App Crashes/Won't Install
  213. Opengl problem.
  214. Starting new activity through Options menu (null pointer?)
  215. Storing a 2D Array in Android
  216. Alternative to DecimalFormat class?
  217. how to make a program run in the background
  218. eclipse java cannot be resolved or is not a field
  219. ok, next question - switch views or new activity?
  220. how to auto create objects
  221. Create 2 groups in expandable listview
  222. Simple App Question
  223. Circle within Circle in Android
  224. scoping variable question
  225. Help with my first alert dialog project
  226. Android Network Transfering Objects
  227. Problem with 'Hello World' program
  228. Sensor Orientiation -> GLRotation doesn't work properly
  229. A problem about clearAnimation().
  230. About Contact with Finger on Mobile Devices
  231. android application to dial numbers
  232. Soft Token Source Code
  233. App needs to exec script
  234. Android App Crashs
  235. JavaMail API, Android, Eclipse, and persistant MessagingException
  236. Android Java NewB Question...
  237. Java and Android App's.
  238. Read varbinary data in java
  239. Simple error I believe
  240. Where to start?
  241. Android Keyboard ERROR !!
  242. Is there a way to get a WAN IP address from a phone based on its phone number?
  243. Connecting 2 emulator instances
  244. Including another object in my project
  245. mark in InputStream
  246. Problem developing app for Android
  247. get File object from assets
  248. java execute command every 10 seconds
  249. steganography for android possible???
  250. please help me invoke this call by reflection