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  1. Are the number of views displayed for each question in the forums real?
  2. I need help animating! Please make the arms move up and down
  3. Real Programmers don't use Java?
  4. I wanna make a new java mobile programme please help me!!
  5. computer programmers
  6. "What have you tried"
  7. How to install the JDK Video tutorial
  8. I intend to write in lowest level of computer programming as a hobby.
  9. Linus Torvalds he gave his opinion on assembly
  10. Problem on posting thread - Page not found
  11. How the Java developers solve problems that are not resolved by Assembly?
  12. Install problem
  13. It is foolish currently develop in machine code, hexadecimal and assembly?
  14. Question about debugging
  15. Java Programmer OS
  16. Download contents of popups massively, probably html related
  17. Have you taught your kid to program?
  18. Build REST Web Service with PHP, JSON and MySql
  19. Do old questions get deleted automatically?
  20. Spam... (off topic)
  21. Website idea...
  22. OP?
  23. Steps to develop an application
  24. Unrelated topic... please help
  25. Translation
  26. Help с настройкой
  27. Changing button color
  28. FizzBuzz? Is it really 'that' trivial?
  29. JQuery - Double click Trigger event to clear textbox
  30. How to remove the attached images from your post?
  31. How to mark my question as resolved?
  32. How to Choose the Best POS Software for your restaurant?
  33. Is it possible to make a java app's GUI in HTML?
  34. Where to place "openTo()" command to make it work?
  35. How to ask someone to marry you in Java?
  36. Converting from Java to C#
  37. Javascript - Alert box
  38. How to get your code evaluated?
  39. Why Did They Get Rid Of javax.comm
  40. C++questions, plz help!
  41. Referencing a dictionary
  42. Help Wanted! infinite terrain
  43. Javascript code to convert phone number phrase to actual phone number
  44. Launching a shortcut with a .bat (with some specifics)
  45. Strange java.io.FileNotFoundException Error
  46. What language is best for a beginner in programming?
  47. is there a Java Forums app?
  48. frame buster?
  49. Help me out whit my php code pls :)
  50. How do threads on this forum get the 5 stars?
  51. Foot locker shoe bot/twitter link grabber help!!
  52. eval()
  53. Forum best practice question: what to do in case of spam infection?
  54. Text editors popularity among programmers
  55. can some one help me windowbuilder
  56. Bot to buy shoes
  57. Spacing issues when appending to JTextArea
  58. [Video Tutorials] Java-School ~ From Zero to Hero
  59. [Videos]Java School ~ From Zero to Hero (The starter guide)
  60. How to get url from flash banner
  61. Board method for Tic Tac Toe game
  62. Allowing inbound connections but wont connect with client through wan
  63. School Project - Genetic Algorithms
  64. Hello, New here! want help with - C#, VB.NET, TSQL, Javascript, HTML
  65. Need help with understanding arrays
  66. Need help with web app
  67. yesterday 4:30 p.m. GMT java-forums.org was not working..
  68. Seeking a motivated apprentice java programmer who's interested in payment
  69. Need some quick help
  70. teach?
  71. Microsoft Office Powerpoint always open in notepad?!?!?!?!?
  72. Banned for creating multiple accounts
  73. Best Book to Learn Java?
  74. How reconnect Data source after login authentication in grails?
  75. So, can anybody help me?
  76. Completely off topic ^^ My pc is literally dying cause by a serious problem.
  77. General
  78. Cannot start new thread
  79. Off topic question, closed
  80. Setting up SyBase
  81. Encoding a Java Program
  82. Re: how to pass values between two JFrames?
  83. Feedback on aspect-oriented programming in java
  84. Incorrect mouse coordinate in ie10
  85. Any experience with AppyPie? Its changing "<" and ">" script tags to > and <
  86. Writing calculations help!!! (javascript)
  87. Posting code
  88. How to get rid of "X" button of dialog box in dojo 1.8
  89. Not A Java Question (it's about the http protocol)
  90. Can anyone help me find a course?
  91. Intermediate Java
  92. Java exception has occurred
  93. Ideas for beginner projects?
  94. Can anyone help me with my menu code?
  95. What books do you recommend for beginners in java / android game development?
  96. fingerprint locker application in android
  97. Recursion
  98. Ruby to Java
  99. Question to veteran/experienced programmers (Mac vs PC)
  100. oracle support
  101. Somebody messaged me through private message advertising a website...
  102. Anyone want to learn to program as team/group?
  103. What would be the speed different for java calculation program in windows vs linux?
  104. Help learning java for preparations for university?
  105. YAY!! Forum avatars!!!
  106. Google code
  107. Was: how to make a curve motion with ball object
  108. Develop furniture tracking system
  109. Java Program for reading writing of smart card??
  110. Java.lang out of memory issue! HELP PLEASE!
  111. programming a predictive dialer
  112. how do you justify java has Better portability than other languages across operating
  113. Best place/way to learn java for a begginer
  114. Is it international spam day?
  115. Stackoverflow questions that the original poster continually deletes
  116. What is Acceptance Testing?
  117. Please Share horror Games
  118. Posting homework, I swear....
  119. For people new to java :)
  120. Java introduction class Final programming part
  121. Where to start learning java / programming?
  122. Java Problem [unable to access jarfile]
  123. Not a Question. Thank a "Thank You"
  124. Recommend a book to learn embedded Java
  125. Schools for learning programming
  126. "Everyone must remove java"
  127. Need project idea for final year in Computer Science
  128. Is Jave the right tool for my need
  129. Best PHP framework
  130. Multiple bluetooth dongles
  131. Dissertation HELP NEEDED!!!!
  132. PM's
  133. looking for some exercises of string with thier solutions
  134. Pretty Fly For A Mocha Guy...
  135. HTML/JavaScript
  136. No reaction of devolper
  137. Win7 vs Linux
  138. help with condition number in matrix?
  139. Should I study both PHP and JavaScript at the same time?
  140. Need help "liking" Java
  141. Need help! New to programming.
  142. Where the HECK do I find a partner in java programming SKYPE BUDDY
  143. Should I study both PHP and JavaScript at the same time?
  144. Scheme vs Java
  145. Javascript Front Page Slider- Fade Effect
  146. neither IE or FF can find applet even after uninstalling reinstalling
  147. Math question.......?
  148. Capture image from hd camera
  149. Can I do Java AP
  150. I have a curiousity question on Binary
  151. Default How to run java software from browser
  152. Sample Java Enterprise Program/Flowchart on Net ?
  153. What is reasonable to get abnned from a forum
  154. Help with sound problem (NOT JAVA RELATED/OFF-TOPIC)
  155. Security issue with Pogo Applet
  156. How to launch an executable .jar appication on another PC?
  157. fresher in java
  158. Spiders
  159. Sql................
  160. LG 840 games are cut off at the bottom....
  161. New member, need some advices
  162. Java excellent Find solution
  163. How to learn programming beyond just copying syntax?
  164. Are java desktop applications dead?
  165. A string in correct english or not
  166. Java code to compare 2 PDF files
  167. best book for java
  168. java programming puzzle
  169. nice vedio showing How to draw a tree by recursion method using java?
  170. Want to create an OpenSource Simcitylike game.
  171. Programming noob
  172. Redo functionality in form based editor
  173. Java Sessions maintenance
  174. A bar Chart with Movable/Dragable Reactangle???
  175. Mery Christmas to all at java-forums!
  176. How to start with advanced Java Programming?
  177. Can anyone give me a challenge?
  178. Licensing Payments
  179. getting started tips
  180. Image Recognition Software
  181. I need help for Live video streaming !!!
  182. I suck at this. I truly do
  183. for-to and do-x loops
  184. Need Help - I am not even a beginner in Java :(
  185. Experienced with Java, need guidance learning new platforms.
  186. what should i study to be a mobile game maker ?
  187. Help! Java barcode generator bought from onbarcode.com can not be installed!
  188. Finding Java Games with source code
  189. A good place to study Thread, Runnable and other thread composing code.
  190. Need help picking a software for java project
  191. Windows desktop shortcut doesn't work
  192. Problems in game development
  193. New Learning Java Program
  194. Java Reference Cards
  195. Jar file stuck in windows explorer, help!
  196. desktop app
  197. Required SCJP discounted voucher
  198. I need a fun idea.
  199. Java Exercises --- Assignments
  200. Writable cell without coping of new excel sheet
  201. Should I reconsider Computer Engineering as a major?
  202. Zip internal structure problem
  203. Expanding Knowledge
  204. Want to program...
  205. i need an advice!
  206. In testing, cases that arenít corner cases are what??
  207. want to learn distributing computing
  208. Why does my screen look like this??
  209. Is it worth it to go to school for computer programming?
  210. Bot for online flash game
  211. problems with windows 8 ie10
  212. Copying code into Eclipse IDE without the numbers in the left margin
  213. How to post code
  214. JavaFX 2.0 and/or Swing
  215. In search of some general advice from programmers
  216. Looking for full programs in java
  217. Changing current directory
  218. Looking to collaborate and learn in realtime with 1-3 people
  219. What book should I buy to learn Java
  220. java game programming?
  221. Chat?
  222. Free Java Project Downloads
  223. Best Eclipse Tutorials for beginners?
  224. How can I install the MS Access driver ODBC
  225. C++ to Java [Help Needed!]
  226. To decide M.Tech Project
  227. Spoonfeeding (was Switch case)
  228. Dewey ID generating
  229. jScrollPane won't show up!
  230. Creating a keylogger.
  231. Need to get jar file working for web-cam
  232. Posted and deleted in StackOverflow
  233. generating dialogue & texts
  234. Finger print reader
  235. a java exception has occurred..
  236. IBM Rational
  237. Dr Java for Mac
  238. Which books should i buy new programmer
  239. help regarding project.
  240. How to post a question here?
  241. Apple text editors
  242. Challenge accepted.
  243. Help me for my project! It is a HORSE RACING GAME!
  244. java programming stop working
  245. Java not working on my computer.. At all.. Help?
  246. Tablet running Android, how to install the JDK and write programs in Java.
  247. Java vs. Python
  248. android programming vs game programming using java
  249. Some good book tips?
  250. Why is my dog an Object?