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  33. Lucene File Extensions supported and unsupported
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  35. Lucen.Net Indexing Speed
  36. org.apache.lucene.store.LockObtainFailedExceptio: Lock obtain timed out: SimpleFSLock
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  52. Visual Search
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  55. sort in prefixQuery
  56. To compare one document with a list of other documents using COSINE SIMILARITY.
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  63. Issue with lucene .net
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  65. lucene highlighter: how can I get locations of fragments?
  66. Near-Real-Time Implementation
  67. how can I find query hit positions in original contents?
  68. tokenizing text using language analyzer but preserving stopwords if possible
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  71. Want to aplly my science research to Lucene.
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  100. adding field with tokenStream Field(name, tokenStream, termVector) constructor
  101. Escaping Special Characters
  102. Score combination - Filtering vs. Querying
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  106. Java heap space
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  110. IndexSearcher
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  120. Thread: Digester / Lucene: How to make the XML parser more filexible ?
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  142. solr score
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  144. Pulling an Index made with Lucene to dev batch code for index listings
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  146. Lucene StringTokenizer
  147. How Lucene & Solr Are Changing The World
  148. custom analyzer
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  150. changing TF formula
  151. Changing the index
  152. Highlighting with exact match
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  154. Get PhraseQuery offsets.
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  156. Get query indexes.
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  179. Searching
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  185. Apache Lucene
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  187. can lucene be the solution for my environment
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  193. Queries in lucene
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  204. Additional Weight
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  210. Regex approach
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  217. How to create an index for the
  218. Instalation of lucence
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  223. Similarity
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  227. [SOLVED] Parallel/Asynchronous Faster indexing way on lucene
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  232. CPU performance getting affected
  233. Work On Lucene
  234. Introduction