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  1. RescaleOp problem
  2. BufferStrategy disabling in Full Screen mode
  3. Collision Detection
  4. Basic 2D Image Loading
  5. Getting coordinates of an Image within another Image
  6. How to convert a byte array into 16-bit image
  7. Creating Graphs....?
  8. Help with simple java game/image drawing
  9. Need help graphing
  10. Having a problem with a scroll game background image
  11. Can you display non-unicode fonts like Wingdings?
  12. Bounding box for each character
  13. Help on Tom Gibara's Implementation of Canny-Edge Detection
  14. Silent Printing in java swing application
  15. Double buffering graphics problem
  16. help trying to make a 2d fighting game as simple as possible
  17. Image Render Speed
  18. Why is the paint method in this ImageCanvas Class, being endlessly called?
  19. javaw.exe Keeps encountering a problem, please help?
  20. Render an image into a given quadrilateral
  21. How To Overlap Image
  22. 2D Graphics "flashing"
  23. simple drawing program
  24. Rotating Image Along Y axis in JOGL so that its horizontal (Visible side faces upwad)
  25. How to import image, draw circles/text on it, and save a new image to disk
  26. Double Buffering
  27. Pacman Game
  28. Help with Stretching an Image
  29. Please help me to insert timer ?
  30. Zooming and scaling problem
  31. Need help in generating a 2D Graph
  32. Moving lines using timer
  33. Implementing an event listener?
  34. Help with drawing images
  35. Help me making letter
  36. [HELP] How to locate a pixel in an image by color?
  37. how do i import images into a java program please
  38. Adding The Game Online
  39. Collisions are working & not working
  40. Collision in j2me
  41. mouseListener problem
  42. Drawing BufferedImage or Graphics2D to window
  43. Mouse click interrupting animation
  44. Combining shapes?
  45. Create Image from Arbitrary 2D Matrix of Data
  46. How to update the scrollbar?
  47. a "draw()" function
  48. Image Rotating Around Mouse
  49. Connect 4 Programming Project Help!
  50. Help with Image Rotating?
  51. need help with code
  52. 2d translucent images
  53. Graphics problem?
  54. Creating raster image form a 2D array of Integer
  55. Fast Tunnel
  56. Algorithm for filling random polygons
  57. Doubt in assigning pixel values in MemoryImageSource
  58. Coordinates out of bounds
  59. Check if image contains mouse
  60. Colour increasing and retaining animation
  61. Graphics with floating points instead of Integers
  62. How to plot graph in java with multiple lines for given samples (stored in arrays)?
  63. Image Loading Problem
  64. Selecting Shape
  65. Starting out on a 2D game
  66. Replacing Image for a String
  67. Tank Game !Help Please!
  68. How to make new-line when p rinting strings?
  69. Need some help with 2D Brinting please :)
  70. Why won't this print?
  71. extending JPanel issue
  72. Problem with Graphics OO programming Java.
  73. Problem in printing
  74. Rotated Text and Antialiasing on Windows
  75. Sprites - My Game (Sort of)
  76. Graphing Temperatures Predictions
  77. Can I prevent random numbers from repeating in a 2d array
  78. Buffered Image and DataBuffer
  79. Volatile image vs buffered image
  80. Jmf
  81. Load percentage of an image
  82. ayuda (URGENTE)
  83. Add items to an array repaint problem
  84. Force Graphics Sync (?)
  85. Alter Components Graphics and make them Animate
  86. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: im == null!
  87. String color
  88. Drawing onto a buffered image
  89. Layers or composite?
  90. Changing Image color
  91. Problem in Graphics
  92. Need some help with a simple menu.
  93. Image browser with pan-and-zoom effect
  94. first time GUI'r... trying to reference jpg
  95. Local histogram equalization.
  96. Reading a part of image from a file
  97. Bug in repaint java2d object using mouseWheelListener
  98. to start with textfield to array....pls
  99. Help : reading image and draw it on GUI
  100. Best Way To Render
  101. Let's Check My Collision Detection Algorithm
  102. Creating Curved Text to represent Geographical label
  103. 2D collision handling between two different moving objects
  104. Create an array of polygons
  105. calculating the speed of moving point
  106. how to rotate a figure in java
  107. how to add event Listener to Image
  108. Multiple images from different classes
  109. Displaying and calculating 2D arrays
  110. Replace a region of an image
  111. Printing Graphics to a 8.5 X 11
  112. Cross dissolving of 2 images.
  113. Image from pages
  114. Pixels
  115. draw smooth dash-ed line
  116. Java Barcode Program with Oracle database
  117. Image on a panel in java, how??
  118. Image rotation problem, plz help
  119. Image Matching Using Edge Detection
  120. Image Graph2D problem
  121. Java Graphics2D Problem
  122. BUG in PaintBrush application
  123. Rotating Rectangle about its Centre
  124. Rotating Buffered Image distorts image
  125. BufferedImage flips the chart upside down
  126. Image data pre drawing
  127. convert an html page to image
  128. convert html to image
  129. Event-Driven Painting With Data Model
  130. Question on getGraphics() in a JComponent
  131. Data Rendering/Storage
  132. Graphics2D repaint bug
  133. Filling with transparency
  134. Translate from C# to Java
  135. Java real time plotting with visualvm
  136. Help with paint program
  137. drawing a parallelogram and filling inside with a colour
  138. Need help with fillArc()
  139. Help with Polynomial Graph Plotter and its scaling
  140. Double the size of a 2d
  141. How to work Nimbus Look & feel in java
  142. flicker in a JPanel
  143. GUI for ploting curves
  144. Set not working '-' as unique string
  145. Cartooning
  146. Manipulating BufferedImage
  147. Java 2D array get values from text fields
  148. pls help!!
  149. Help with paintComponent!
  150. saving an image
  151. Load and Save images
  152. Animation randomly changing speed problem - Please Help!
  153. implement Fourier transform?
  154. paint with JScrollBar
  155. Picture Arrays
  156. Drawing coordinates in Java GUI
  157. Draw rectangle in a frame
  158. create own shape
  159. Checking for collision of two rectangles using intersect
  160. Drawing an arc
  161. Smooth graphs of functions
  162. What every developer should know about fonts
  163. Serializing BufferedImage with keeping transparency
  164. problem with arc2d
  165. Musical notation library
  166. Gradient Filter problem
  167. How to draw line with animation
  168. Draw image with select background and foreground color
  169. translate - scale problem
  170. Please Help! : Java Graphics
  171. Movie Picture Morphing
  172. Why doesn't the image draw?
  173. How to make a morph Method
  174. method to check which type of object with which name is located at given coordinates
  175. how to draw on Jwindow?
  176. Cant seem to get this to work
  177. Why only one of the two rectangles is painted?
  178. Histograms for images
  179. Alternating Transparency Based on Double Variable
  180. New to Java GUI. Can't get this to work.
  181. java 3d?
  182. how to plot a curve which has double datatype coordinates
  183. Multiple Graphics Objects?
  184. page painter
  185. Paint(Graphics g) method is not called on its run.
  186. rotating a rectangular image
  187. Capturing the drawing area
  188. Read a bitmap byte by byte
  189. Problem loading an Image
  190. Image Problem overflowing Heap Space
  191. I need pngEncoder Algorithm
  192. Set the background image for tabs for tabbed panel
  193. How to change the background image of panel
  194. Movie control Package
  195. Trying to understand the whole 2D thing.
  196. Create a rounded rectangle in a panel
  197. Font trouble in Java 2D
  198. Creation of a curved surface as an airfoil using java AWT
  199. image encoder decoder
  200. interpolation of intARGB
  201. 1st Game
  202. Lines, zoom in, zoom out, affinetransformation
  203. Graphics2D setRenderingHint not working
  204. How can i create a information visualization using triangle projection?
  205. Help with 2d trials like games in eclipse
  206. Show label in panel, combo box, action listener
  207. Polygon won't show up
  208. How to draw vector (arrow) in java
  209. 2D Shooter Game
  210. Double buffer help needed
  211. How to save the line that i draw as a picture.
  212. 2D Game
  213. get values from JTextFields input
  214. creating a jump
  215. How to place icon on a picture base on (x,y) axis
  216. Pixels and Color
  217. how to make command prompt in java
  218. Making my application Friend Friendly
  219. Cartesian coordinate system (X > 0, Y>0)
  220. String to bitmap generation
  221. Spacing/Alignment problem with java 2D printing
  222. An Efficiency Question
  223. Flipping the direction on the bouncing ball problem!
  224. Flipping the direction on the bouncing ball problem!
  225. Problem in rotating and moving image at the same time
  226. Zoom in and out
  227. How can I learn graphics/animation programming?
  228. Bilinear Interpolation Scaling help
  229. graphics transformations
  230. drawing scattered plot from 2D array
  231. Java rotate(); problem
  232. flickering problem
  233. Coloring an image
  234. how to convert png to pgm image
  235. Plotting Map Tiles
  236. Drawing labels/buttons on an image
  237. [QUESTION]Get text from image?
  238. How To Move An Object On A Random Path
  239. Draw Shape later of Press Button, other implementation., where is mistake?
  240. Download java 3d lib
  241. Drawing Rectangles - NullPointerExceptions
  242. Paint Grafic (Series of Points) on Demand
  243. Draw circles, select circles
  244. Join two images
  245. Exercise for java 3d
  246. Drawing strings in Java
  247. pantone color
  248. Path Gradient Paint in Java 2D?
  249. When I resize window color of rectangles is changed
  250. How to draw 1/2 or 1/4 of a path2d.double