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  1. Translating an XML with the DOM ParserAPI
  2. Don't pass by reference
  3. is there a way to tell how to execute a java program in the jar
  4. Arraylist Save and Load
  5. hangman
  6. PDFBOX change text colours and remove background
  7. Getting images with getImage () when the connection resets
  8. crunching large numbers
  9. ArrayList
  10. Display tag help
  11. I want play chess in Java
  12. Need to look for only 5 and 10's
  13. java regular expression to search block/string/word exist in a paragraph?
  14. Java Regular expression ?
  15. Appending
  16. Comunicating with server
  17. web browsing
  18. Java Regular Expression help
  19. Writing in XLS
  20. Logging Standard output to a file
  21. Desktop app on an off-focus desktop
  22. get money now.. if you could...?
  23. How to read registry data
  24. Help with program
  25. Trainers/Faculty req. on Adv Java
  26. JTable sorting
  27. Java and WebServices: showing a Loading window
  28. folder-subfolders, get data
  29. creating setup with database
  30. Coloring JTable cells
  31. help required to solve jasper report memory issue
  32. Create new java compiler
  33. Interface to connect multiple databases
  34. hiii all
  35. getSession() Function Return Null value
  36. ThreadLocal Session instance in Hibernat
  37. How can i store ArrayList objects in Access database
  38. Sorting in JTable without clicking on column headers
  39. durable subscription
  40. Ajax
  41. MBBS In Ukraine
  42. Raise Browser popup
  43. nohup.out using lots of space
  44. java.lang.RuntimeException: Expected an EXTERNSHEET record but got (org.apache.poi.hs
  45. Using revision control (RCS) with java
  46. How to Improve performance of query?
  47. SSL exception in websphere 6.1
  48. JNI, pthreads and ucontext in Ubuntu
  49. Parsing Large PDF :Out of Memory Exception
  50. import XFDF using PDFBOX
  51. Accessing custom email headers in bounced back emails
  52. Program hangs
  53. Doubt
  54. [RPC Fault faultString="org.springframework.dao.DataAccessRes ourceFailureException :
  55. Loading screen using splash windows
  56. web service deployment
  57. how to create list of list in java ???
  58. Creating a jpeg file: "no preview available"
  59. Matlab data type implementation & speed
  60. i need help with a class and swing
  61. javax.mail.Transport
  62. Displaying Radio Buttons in JSP
  63. Java Object Migration
  64. validation on file size
  65. Java SMS timeout using this script
  66. Final year project idea -
  67. Archiving File on Shared Folder in Linux using java code
  68. Opening an image in Photoshop from a Java program
  69. Integer negation does not give the desired result.
  70. BinaryStream with PreparedStatements
  71. Exception
  72. Template Method Pattern
  73. Formatting String
  74. Library - convert Java to UML
  75. Web services packet limit?
  76. How can i move the mouse over a html element within web browser?
  77. Bios-Like Menu
  78. Array
  79. How to design this System architecture
  80. How to apply a patch (Call Matlab from Java)
  81. Java RFID Programming
  82. How to run PHP and cmd in Java Desktop Programming?
  83. nxn 0-1 array enumeration
  84. How to create my own linux shell in java?
  85. Casting to an List<Serializable>
  86. Using a C enum in Java
  87. JPasswordTextField using JOptionPane
  88. How to run mysqladmin command.
  89. java reservation class plane seat and reservation classes
  90. Backslash, File directories, and streams
  91. Java XML DOM/Transformer and attribute ordering
  92. how to count the given character?
  93. Web service Implementation
  94. How to Call a java service
  95. ByteArray to XML Doc
  96. Regarding interface
  97. Issue while using the soap services using wsdl
  98. Array memory allocation
  99. jar files for oracle olap functions
  100. Adding dates how can i do that
  101. file path
  102. big double division
  103. Conversion Warning
  104. Moving files in Java
  105. Excel generating from servlet
  106. Hi Null pointer Execption
  107. Binary Search Tree implementation
  108. javax.xml.ws.Service problem
  109. how do i count the letter that the user had chosen?
  110. Library to read from multiple sources
  111. using the value taken from jsp page
  112. HelloUniverse Java3D Applet: GraphicsConfiguration not Compatible
  113. Getting WebService Annotations in a .class file.
  114. Where is "javax.media.j3d"?
  115. Sending text to a web page
  116. Sending text to a web page
  117. JMX update of Java 1.6.0_13
  118. CReate HTML Report Using Ireport
  119. File path validation in Java
  120. Validating url with regular expression??
  121. String indexOf
  122. Concatinating contents of a string array based on condition
  123. how to set path ?
  124. problem with <ui:include> in tabpanel
  125. Result set not returning values
  126. Windows command shell
  127. Sort String
  128. string ...
  129. Large Scale Search
  130. components in javabean
  131. How to reterive string from URL
  132. problem in deploying WAR file in server
  133. Replacing Vowels in a word.
  134. Issue with Java Heap Space
  135. dealing with (zip) files
  136. JUnit testing
  137. Problem in knowing the status of windows
  138. Redraw panel in timer event
  139. Iterating array in jrxml
  140. have doubt
  141. regular expression
  142. problem with <s:convertDateTime>
  143. Creating a zipped file
  144. Struts: pass data to other form
  145. Indexing java arrays with string
  146. [Virtual KeyBoard] - Anybody know ?
  147. Struts 2 cancel button
  148. Reading files and splitting them
  149. Is there a way to speed up these Threads? (Rendering Problems)
  150. weekly calendar on tabpanel
  151. problems copying a file
  152. Javascript works in firefox not IE
  153. Error showing "Object Required"
  154. Creating files stopped creating...
  155. launch a pdf/jpg/txt/doc/bmp[...] files from my code...
  156. logging for several applications on JBoss
  157. Changing Existing Zip file using java
  158. ERROR: Timer already cancelled
  159. generics inside collection
  160. for loop not executing
  161. Java exe help
  162. No ClassDefFound Error
  163. Doubt regarding Directory Upload using HTTPclient3.1 library
  164. Read text content from pdf using pdfbox
  165. Multiplayer lobby
  166. Deleting from an array
  167. How to start with Image Map in java
  168. Manipulate dates by week
  169. Remove an item from listbox
  170. Save Scene State
  171. Compression Algorithms
  172. Executing .exe from java
  173. visio application development
  174. Video MediaPlayer Errors
  175. Arraylist with arrays?
  176. printer get printed in the server in stead of client
  177. jar file comilation
  178. Java LinkedList Issue
  179. Archieve tehnologies
  180. Hibernate aplication Problem
  181. Jar files
  182. how to read CSV file
  183. Problem With Dimension of Jasper Report
  184. JVM Crashed when using JNI
  185. jasperreport-right to left
  186. Log4j: two AsyncAppenders = two threads?
  187. setting path and classpath variables from batch file -
  188. Stock Quotes
  189. jms message passing
  190. Using NamedPipe in Java
  191. how to display a jsp by struts.xml
  192. Exception when program is run.
  193. How to handle Byte response in a jsp?
  194. UnsupportedCharsetException in DriverManager.getConnection( String url )...
  195. list to bigintegar conversion
  196. how to display content of .xls file in jsp
  197. Writing to file problem
  198. Running application in jsp page
  199. how to read content of .xls file
  200. SDK for automatic image correction
  201. Configuring tomcat in eclipse
  202. running a java application on Japanese OS
  203. Abnormal termination: JDWP Unable to get JNI 1.2 environment
  204. Broken pipe exception while feeding a console's inputstream from a non-finished file
  205. Excel sheet opening in read-only mode
  206. Data processing API <algorithm>
  207. equals method
  208. Creating 3D graphs
  209. Strange, 'Cannot find symbol' error
  210. Image processng in JAVA
  211. web services/CORBA
  212. Hi
  213. Problem with text field patern
  214. FInd the no. of duplicates in an array
  215. Serial port programming using modem and telephone
  216. 'Tiny' 3D Problem
  217. OAEP Padding Problem by encryption
  218. How do I make a timer run in the background?
  219. how to call Java Bean Ireport frm Java application
  220. HashSet Contains problem
  221. Explain how to troubleshoot simple java pg
  222. Access registry
  223. Claiming memory at start up
  224. Parsing Error
  225. Stream problem when I export my project in a .jar executable archive
  226. Is Zip or not?
  227. Date Picker
  228. Cube
  229. 3D modeling
  230. How to add jar library in java?
  231. problem with notepad
  232. JDialogs within Component
  233. Question regarding generics
  234. Multiple references to the same object
  235. ant problem
  236. Extract jar and place in other folder
  237. How to combine Java Bean DataSource Connectiobn Report in JDBC Connection Subreport
  238. Code errors (incompatible types, cannot find variables, etc)
  239. How to access shared mailboxes using JavaMail
  240. how toi make Java Bean DataSource connection in ireport
  241. Drag and drop issue testing DataFlavor using TransferHandler
  242. Date of first day, given the week in the year and the year...
  243. Rpc program
  244. Recognize HDD, CD/ROM, DVD/ROM drives
  245. Problems sending SMTP SSL with exchange, port 25
  246. develop java standa alone client for ASP.Net web server
  247. Loading an image into JDesktopPane as background
  248. Cloning issue
  249. Mapping of variables to values (permutation with repetition?)
  250. How Convert a Byte array to a image format