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  1. Why can't static nested classes access static members of the enclosing class?
  2. @WebServiceClient Annotation
  3. Getting the downloaded pircbot.jar to properly be in the project
  4. How do raw types of generic types show pregeneric behavior?
  5. The point of existence of Generics
  6. How to
  7. The use of Comparable Interface In Java?
  8. Somebody help me building this program its very very EASY
  9. How to use one class' objects as variable for other class
  10. How to resize a jTextField using the Swing GUI designer
  11. Best online resource
  12. Need help for the below array program
  13. add MouseListener to a JTree
  14. Some of the theory question.
  15. Am I wrong in my prime no. program ?
  16. how i integrate kcfinder in ckeditor using jsf ?
  17. Javafx make arc open and close while moving
  18. Thread Sleep Lag
  19. How to append characters to string
  20. java https request gives strange characters like "Núm = N??m"
  21. How to package a .class file into a .jar file?
  22. Can i put Two conditions in IF statement?
  23. How to sort arraylist on variable values
  24. How to add buttons below a menu bar
  25. Recursion
  26. Addition of directories to a JAR archive
  27. Table With Charts On it.
  28. Making JavaFx game similar to PacMan lost :/ need help
  29. How are Java Enum types more powerful than those in other languages
  30. How come the rows in a 2D array in Java are allowed vary in length?
  31. Where do I put my own .class files?
  32. Relationship between Object, Class, classes in Java API, and those that we design?
  33. Expand an Image using Pixmap
  34. Final project in begginers java class giving me grief
  35. Serial COM port connection - RXTXcomm.jar
  36. Why is the return type of FileInputStream.read() int, when it returns byte
  37. Make reference to method
  38. Help i'm so confused
  39. 70 Retired and First program failed
  40. Help with Java Assignment
  41. creating a list of hashmap elements through a for loop
  42. Why re-initializing the static variable in separate line is invalid?
  43. couple of questions on data structures and sorts.
  44. While prompt answer is empty, or user pressed cancel?
  45. Java Application After Power Failure
  46. accessing many elements in an array
  47. Encoding issue
  48. Config class - what is the best approach?
  49. Dice game money count problem
  50. Need Help! Array of XY post to a Map
  51. error: class, interface, or enum expected in simple class declaration
  52. Problem from TopCoder...
  53. function that returns a map <String,Object>, and using that Object as an String
  54. Understanding how Successors and Predecessors work in code.
  55. java problem with for-loop
  56. Having trouble with primitive type 'long'
  57. Bejeweled-esque help
  58. Splitting
  59. Practical use of annotaions
  60. error, could not find or load main class!!!
  61. need urjent help with this little project
  62. How to get access to annotation in class
  63. Java Swing Properties Documentation
  64. Make array global
  65. New to Java, In need of some help with a basic program.
  66. Help with ArrayLists for extremely confused noob
  67. Handling generic arrays, the target type of this expression must be a functional inte
  68. Wordpress page laod speed: "Defer parsing of JavaScript"???
  69. Trying to figure out fix for: Defer parsing of JavaScript
  70. Help with JAVA crash while playing Minecraft
  71. Help with implementing chi Square algorithm
  72. assignment
  73. Map to an element of an array, even if it changes
  74. Map teste = new HashMap(), why not Map teste = new Map();
  75. Java applet delay
  76. Return type for the method is missing
  77. Java examples for dynamic arrays
  78. eBay JDBC - Null pointer exception
  79. Button events & handlers- kindly educate me
  80. [SOLVED] question about text boxes in GUI application.
  81. Am getting error for the following program. Kindly rectify.
  82. Are Collection classes generic?
  83. Need help with JPanels
  84. "myScanner" never close. Need Help
  85. NoClassDefFoundError while compiling from source
  86. Entropy of a dictionary
  87. Should we write a separate function for the initialization of variables?
  88. Problem matching a regex
  89. Using change event to modify pasted keystrokes
  90. Playing .mpg video in Java without controls
  91. How to pass a Map.Entry<K, V> to a List<Map.Entry<K, V>>
  92. Can someone make a simple while loop java with this question?
  93. trying to get data from an object array
  94. Generating random hours and minutes in String
  95. Servlet and byte array
  96. Wrong sorting of Date list based on current time
  97. Why don't our classes inherit static methods of the Object class?
  98. I have a gui problem i know what it is but how is what idk
  99. why if doesn't evaluate correctly?
  100. Help with ArrayList that works with two polynomials.
  101. Help with an ant colony assignment
  102. adding elements to an array
  103. Producer-Consumer Project
  104. Producer-Consumer Project
  105. Best IDE for beginners?
  106. decrypt https tls/ssl traffic with JSSE
  107. Does 'final' make a variable a constant, or a combination of 'final' and 'static'?
  108. Why isn't every object of a class bound to assign a value to 'all' instance fields?
  109. Why a compiler error that superclass has no constructor, when every class has one?
  110. instantiate, populate & view the contents of objects using the toString method?
  111. Generate 1's and 0's in a grid without consecutives
  112. Unknown tag in JSP file using spring
  113. BufferedWriter Question... How to Append only to the end of the file?
  114. Seems like this should work but it doesn't?
  115. Can someone check my work ?
  116. Append multiple strings to a file - Separate each with a newline?
  117. decrypt https tls/ssl traffic with java
  118. Issue with Java spring when placing my class inside src folder in Java resources
  119. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassCastException in JSON
  120. Confused on how populate a object with data from a file
  121. How to instruct two objects to "friend" one another?
  122. String equal
  123. Spring Framework
  124. Is this example of a Livelock situation correct?
  125. Accessing Java methods from ANT build
  126. What parts of Java API should one know about to develop an app with these features?
  127. Help with NumberShape
  128. Concurrency - Why is a deadlock happening in this example?
  129. My code compiles but does not do anything
  130. Exception Errors with double Transposition program
  131. Can you hep me with my code!
  132. Parsing numbers from Strings
  133. RtP: Split a Sentence into Individual Words
  134. What is the use of command-line arguments supplied to the main method
  135. Concurrency - why doesn't this if block execute?
  136. Creating file manager in Java
  137. How does 'finally' block ensure tht code which could b bypassed by 'return' executes?
  138. Smtp server
  139. Where to start this simple reservation program?
  140. What is wrong with this code?
  141. Throws error array out of bounds when run
  142. How to insert multidimensional array into MySQL database
  143. Rapid application development platform
  144. Need help with my Java Code
  145. Why doesn't an RDBMS allow repeating groups/arrays as column values?
  146. How to turn this program to have the user input the word and the letter? (BlueJ)
  147. Need Help with Java and Junit
  148. How do I make this Letter Remover Program allow me to enter a letter to remove (BlueJ
  149. How to fix this Letter Remover program? Is my algorithm correct?
  150. What java game tutorial do you use? What is the best one?
  151. What to do about it : "Try" makes object instances out of scope
  152. How to analyze a java process
  153. Waiting Until a Method is Finished
  154. Java program using Bank Class
  155. from where will i get information regarding amazon quick sight
  156. from where i get information regarding amazon quick sight
  157. how to add group of shapes at random spot on the stage javafx
  158. Why is Collections called a 'framework' in Java?
  159. JDK will not work with my macbook running Mavericks
  160. Enum Error? HELP ME
  161. Confusion in basic concept of Objects
  162. GUI creation to enter data in SQL table using java
  163. While loop result to be displayed in a single dialog box using joption pane
  164. Files in Java
  165. Part Number Cross Reference Question and Answer
  166. questions about this ping pong game's code ?
  167. Help completing my method, IntegerAverage.
  168. question regarding collections and stackADT
  169. I realy need help to complete my code :quarterly sales
  170. Looking for a Tutorial for writing a Ping Pong Game ?
  171. why this program not running properly ?
  172. Trouble with "throws java.io.IOException"
  173. Is it important to remember the java codes?
  174. [Java] How to do exponentiations?
  175. How can I tell 'jar' and 'java' to output the messages in English?
  176. Illegal start of expression problem + some questions about formating output.
  177. has-a relationship
  178. has-a relationship
  179. [General Question] The fit Java framework for a standalone application
  180. Runtime.getRuntime().exec( .....
  181. Runtime.getRuntime().exec("kill -STOP + PID).waitFor()
  182. Why is "int var = 24,000;" wrong?
  183. Text processing-Copying specific lines from multiple text file to one file
  184. launch the JAVA Client
  185. difference between interface and absrct class
  186. Java Midi Help: No Receivers & Transmitters for Midi Devices
  187. how to set environment for java.
  188. Align text using string
  189. about lock and wait/signal
  190. Make a Koobits like Application in Java Bean
  191. How boolean stacks work?
  192. Processing will draw something for a second then disappear
  193. override/hide a final method in super class.
  194. override/hide a final method in super class.
  195. How do you skip to a certain line of code?
  196. IF Statement showing wrong results
  197. Please help
  198. Need a plan of Action for understanding large project
  199. Outputting multiple things into one message box?
  200. I can't figure out what is wrong
  201. Array methods help.....Please
  202. naming conventions in Java
  203. Need help with these errors ASAP!!!
  204. Parameter
  205. System.out used as PrintStream constructor arguments, what will happen?
  206. Help a fella out?
  207. Write the code in console
  208. initialize and reinitialize a static field
  209. How to get List of All computers in the same network
  210. Resultset and JTable
  211. RGBtoHSB wants float[] but setBackground wants Color... Why?
  212. Help with FizzBuzz variation
  213. Need help reading text from files
  214. Need help identifying this table
  215. i need code...
  216. Guys I need help with my program
  217. Help
  218. Guys I need help
  219. Inheritance (still not seen from the outside)
  220. History of java
  221. there is clone() method in object, why do we still need cloneable interface?
  222. Hoverable Text popups
  223. Hash Table and sorting data items
  224. The recursion and iteration debate
  225. Binary Search Tree that prints values
  226. how to concatenate lines from different files?
  227. What does this snippet do?
  228. Replace duplicates
  229. Using loops to get replace random numbers
  230. Want to read and replace special lines with other lines from another text file
  231. Need Some Help With Logic and Some Music Theory
  232. How to create an interface for the whole of my classes?
  233. Does this code as internal classes? How to create one?
  234. How to use the method iterator()?
  235. How to create an instance of an object of a class ruled by an interface?
  236. How to write a good constructor in a case of heritage?
  237. How to count the number of an element using an argument?
  238. How use abstract class with 2 subclasses with serialzable and comparator interface
  239. Java ide
  240. How to write a program
  241. Basic JFrame Window For Beginners
  242. Difference between totalMemory and maxMemory in JVM
  243. Grid index structure
  244. profiler not showing decreasing Runtime.getRuntime().freeMemory() allocations
  245. Java Timer
  246. QA Tester Need Help in Java
  247. JButton or graphics
  248. Confusion about HashTables and how they work
  249. Help with a java assignment
  250. Can not specify additional JAR file(s) when main is in a Jar file