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  1. Take a look at my java localization system
  2. Java Course - New Features in Core Java 8
  3. Check my latest article about Java inheritance and polymorphism
  4. Webinar (October 11): How to create Cross-Platform Automated GUI Tests for Java Apps
  5. 🎯 Squish 6.1 Release with Visual Verification Points
  6. Webinar (September 13): How to create Cross-Platform Automated GUI Tests for Java App
  7. JAVA Online Training with Real Time Live Project
  8. Webinar (August 25): How to create Cross-Platform Automated GUI Tests for Java Apps
  9. Webinar (August 2): How to create Cross-Platform Automated GUI Tests for Java Apps
  10. HonoIT Content Management System Struts 2 + Spring + Hibernate open source
  11. Webinar (July 5): How to create Cross-Platform Automated GUI Tests for Java Apps
  12. A new java open source framework: BabyFish
  13. Java Interview Guide is free on amazon this week
  14. I wrote a symbol solver and type calculator for Java
  15. Dine with the Father of Java
  16. Oracle exam voucher for sale
  17. Java library that lets you program in Java in a pythonic way
  18. Easy Questionnaire about Java Features
  19. NitroNet - New, High-Level Networking Library
  20. Beginner Projects
  21. Could someone test my game?
  22. Data Processing Engine
  23. Blender Green Dragon Model now Animated with Fire!
  24. My Green Dragon model!
  25. How to properly protect your Java code
  26. i need some information about java experts
  27. What is this section for?
  28. Is Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic?
  29. Simplistic Trivia Game
  30. Java Snaps of the Day #6, Count DB Table Records, Check if Table is exist...and more
  31. Java Snaps of the Day #5, Launch Browser, Create Temp Directory, Date is Today...
  32. Java Snaps of the Day #4, Checksum generation, find file extension, playing wav file
  33. Java Snaps of the Day #3, Check OS Version, Random Alpha Numeric, Calendar Reset...
  34. English to Code Cheat Sheet?
  35. Java Video Tutorials... MUST SEE!!!
  36. My List of Books to learn Java Design Pattern and Object Oriented Programming
  37. Neat Metal GUI
  38. Java eBook for Beginners and Advance Users
  39. Called by Java reporting tools thourgh JDBC for massive data computing
  40. Emulating Multiple Inheritance in Java using 'Program To Interface' Design Principle,
  41. Maven, Struts2 Annotations and Tiles Integration Example via Convention / Codebhind
  42. Framework to work with Java and HTML5?
  43. Using LinkedIn REST API to Share Content Programmatically via Scribe-Java OAuth Libra
  44. JxBrowser 4 Beta 2 Released
  45. Re: Is there any way to encrypt executable JAR file?
  46. 1 Day Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Course - 07 September (London)
  47. 1 Day Advanced Java Course 03 August - London
  48. XStream - One of the best Java and XML Framework around
  49. AppFog’s FREE Quality Cloud Hosting – Supports Java, Grails, Spring, MySQL, PHP, etc.
  50. Beginner Java App Reference (Android)
  51. Paypal Button and Instant Payment Notification (IPN) Integration with Java
  52. Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) with Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  53. How do you deal with computation during Java application development?
  54. I want to know if my code is correctly Object Oriented!!
  55. Understanding Advanced Java & JVM - Ben Evans - Training - London -10-12 July 2013
  56. Innovative IDE for Visual & Text-Based Programming
  57. application Java EE with Hibernate and struts
  58. My First Completed Java Project; Turn Based Strategy Game
  59. API and app to send native mobile PUSH notifications
  60. Looking for keen learners who live in Melbourne, Australia
  61. Learn Java J2EE at Codefrux and become expert
  62. Java youtube tutorials
  63. Netbeans Users Please Vote on this
  64. Join Fast track batches for learning Android @ just 8K.
  65. Join Workshop on Android @ 1500 INR at Codefrux !
  66. Learn Java in only @3000 INR at Codefrux
  67. JSP/Java Classroom Training? - Not an Advertisement, Really!
  68. Enhanced java.util.TreeMap to access and retrieve elements by index
  69. Collection of core java interview questions
  70. Feedback on this implementation of a HashMap
  71. Hi all
  72. Java T-Shirts! Money goes to a good cause
  73. Java Hosting based on Apache Tomcat
  74. Anyone interested in testing/trying a cloud storage api in java?
  75. From Java to to jQuery
  76. Java, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, Abnitio, Oracle, Teradata
  77. [Travel Android app] Smart Travel Notes
  78. Java 8 Beta
  79. the best Java web framework
  80. My Java App Game
  81. Properties Proposal
  82. Java Text Tutorials
  83. New Online Java Compiler & Launcher for Console and Applets Programs
  84. This website very helpful if you are a programmer! Check it out!
  85. Learn Hadoop & Cassandra Development BAY AREA!!
  86. Open Source Android Flashcard Application
  87. SunSpot Java Development Kit for sale
  88. Calculator help needed desperately!
  89. Automatic Stringbuilder code generation
  90. About JBPM Customization
  91. Challenge your multithreading skills
  92. JSF2: Creating Custom Component [OutputObject]
  93. Apex Faction [ALPHA]
  94. Learning Java for Free !!!
  95. My first program open source
  96. Check my program
  97. JDBC Tips for Java programmer
  98. LilacServer - the new approach in creating websites with Java
  99. Weapon M - Java TradeWars Client
  100. Java Programs I Made
  101. Lightning - The Lightning Fast Java Serializer
  102. Online Selenium Training | Free Selenium Tutorial | Learn Selenium
  103. distributed lucene solution
  104. this is a simple ajax "keyup" example
  105. Feedback Requested for Technology Blog Site. Any comment is helpful to me.
  106. Java Screensaver: From Chaos to Order
  107. Anybody interested in testing an image recognition API?
  108. Test My English Draughts Game
  109. [ Notice ] Too All Java Programmers
  110. Kingdom Vs Dynasty 2.0
  111. Getting started JavaFX2.1 with Eclipse IDE on Windows
  112. International Symposium on Standards in Engineering and Technology (ISSET) 2012
  113. Call for papers and participation isset 2012
  114. Public Teamspeak 3 server for everyone :D
  115. new to Java , then my blog is the solution for absolute beginners . Thank you :-)
  116. Java Chat PC to PC
  117. DevRates - open-source reviews by developers
  118. Mac toolbar window controls for Netbeans
  119. Sample to create, insert, modify and delete MySQL Objects
  120. Selling Java Sun SPOT development kit
  121. Simple jdbc wrapper showing query timings on a web page
  122. Why should you use PreparedStatement in Java to execute Query?
  123. RuneScape Private Servers & RuneScape development forums.
  124. Some interview questions on Generics in Java for practice
  125. The game 'An Ultimate Hunt'.
  126. Java Tutorial Website Evaluation
  127. Sun SPOT Java Development Kit
  128. JxCapture 3.0 supports Linux.
  129. Hack-a-Jam (Solo Gaming Competition)
  130. A game made by me.
  131. Keytool Interface
  132. New JDBC Tutorial for Beginners
  133. Example Count From Array Snippet
  134. Re: Are there any cost-efficient Java Application license protection solutions?
  135. Java Port Scanner
  136. Osjal help
  137. Mediocre Paint Application -- Looking for Commentary/Criticism/Thoughts
  138. New java gui framework
  139. Let's Bounce! (game I made for LD warmup weekend)
  140. Review of codenameone.com
  141. MY JAVA GAMES! MasterMind, Reversi, Tetris, MineSweeper etc! Ideal for beginners!
  142. Java Tutorials - The "How to" series for Java! Tower Defence, 3D, Platformer, Topdown
  143. For people who program on Macs
  144. Game Ticks (anyone can use)
  145. SylentAccounts
  146. For anyone starting out in Java
  147. Beginner Java Video Tutorials
  148. Java RPG Game I'm Developing
  149. JxFileWatcher 1.2: New “Moved” Event and State Changes Reporting.
  150. Would anyone mind giving me feedback on a Swing Transition effect?
  151. JasperWave 0.9.4: advanced styles management, Zoom and JasperReports Server integrati
  152. Say Hello to JavaScript-Java bridge in JxBrowser 3.0
  153. Race Conditions in Java - 2 Examples
  154. Arrays in Java
  155. Plar: my Java Multiplayer Platform Game!
  156. Useful library if you are a beginner. Not SPAM, but help
  157. Java Web Database Application Development at JavaWebDB.com
  158. 974 Application Server - high availability and open-source
  159. Installing WebSphere Application Server step by step
  160. New App for Practise SCJP Certification
  161. My Java games! MasterMind, Othello/Reversi, Reaction Timer & Random Number Game
  162. Sign up for contest
  163. How to install & configure JDK and PATH Variables on windows 7 - 1080p video!
  164. my open source swing look and feel
  165. Space Warrior - Multiplayer Space Shooter
  166. I'm Still Listening (shameless self promotion, Pandora)
  167. Ant Colony Simulator
  168. Questions about programming paradigms
  169. OGG Vorbis encoder (Moved)
  170. I'm trying to select my next laptop, help!
  171. how to run multiple reports in one session with out getting concurrent call exception
  172. Decorator design pattern in Java with Example
  173. Ldap authentication on Active Directory in Java using Spring Security with Example
  174. Java Complete Beginner Tutorials
  175. How SubString method works in Java
  176. Is there anyone who can example simple code
  177. Why string is immutable in java?
  178. How to correctly overide hashcode method in Java
  179. Calling all web engineers!! (This is for a school project)
  180. Review request: Yii 1.1 Application Development Cookbook (free review copies)
  181. 15 most Java Interview Questions With Answers
  182. Great website for free online meetings
  183. Wanna see my website?
  184. Java Video Tutorials and FAQ's
  185. Book review request: Play Framework Cookbook by Alexander Reelsen (Packt)
  186. For All java Sw and jars in one place
  187. Manufacturing Software
  188. What is MySQL? An introduction
  189. Reasons Why You Should Program in Java (article)
  190. The Responsibilities of Web Front End
  191. Quidditch (shameless self promotion)
  192. Data Exchange Format between Web Front End and Web Back End
  193. Role Division in the development of Web Application
  194. Java Mem and threading tips
  195. Byron Babbage!
  196. Easy Clip2D Game Engine now posted
  197. Free Practice tests on SCJP, SCWCD and lot of other IT certifications
  198. CUBRID it! programming contest
  199. A Multithreaded HTTP Server using Sockets in Java
  200. Have a new application called Propplan. Appreciate any comments!!!
  201. UKi6 - Java / Tomcat Hosting
  202. The best programming help provider i have come accross
  203. Help!
  204. What's wrong with Requirement 8?!*
  205. What's wrong?!
  206. Faceblock - new program
  207. Barcode creation
  208. Getting aggrivated!?!
  209. Game for sale!!!!
  210. JOB referral program for JAVA developers
  211. Complete JfreeChart example in a WebApp with links (Downloadable)
  212. Jax is coming to the us!!!
  213. Animation Contest !! Of MotionContest
  214. Canvas Prints
  215. MagicForms - best web-form generator
  216. [CodeFest] Virtual Combat : An extension of educational game
  217. Help me with the organisation of the menus of my application
  218. Quick Java Applet Study
  219. Java samples for eSignature web service
  220. Need protect you MacBook?
  221. Pogamut - a free platform for bot AI development in games (UT2004, UDK, DEFCON)
  222. Sun SPOT Java Kit for sale
  223. for sale Sunspots
  224. jMonkeyEngine 3 SDK Alpha3 released - Terrain and networking now in core
  225. Java Jobs
  226. My new site
  227. Please vote for jMonkeyEngine in Packt's Open Source Awards
  228. 87 video Java Swing
  229. OpenClass
  230. Java SuperMaps
  231. A better Java logger
  232. Web hosting
  233. Entity - Data Interchange Format
  234. Wikiread - read Wiki articles easily
  235. Please click my links
  236. Strategic & Effective Internet Marketing Solutions - PPC, Email Marketing
  237. Redchery - Free Beta Version
  238. JxCapture 2 is out for Screen Capturing into Image and Video formats!
  239. Action(s) is looking for testers
  240. Is Java ready for Carrier Grade Applications?
  241. Come play gp latale
  242. EOSF - Extended Operation Specification Facilitator
  243. Jscape
  244. Ecommerce Internet Marketing
  245. need scjp 1.6
  246. Early Access to JxCapture 2 Introduces Video Capturing - both Windows and Mac
  247. Want to Maximize your knowledge on Hibernate, Spring ?
  248. Significanlty lower development costs in high quality development
  249. OpenFaces 2.0: Open New Possibilities for your Web Applications
  250. Looking for open source developers