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  1. How to filter the messages by using selector?


    In JMS we can use the selector to filter the messages. How to add a selector before sending a message so that the message got filtered successfully.

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    Re: How to read character ?

    When i conver the character to String using UTF-8 encoding i'm getting ?

    Does the character represents the question mark?
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    How to read character ?


    I'm haveing a file of huge lines where each line ends with the character

    Reading the file as stream as follows:
    ByteArrayOutputStream stream = new ByteArrayOutputStream();...
  4. Fubarable...what is the best way to achieve the...

    Fubarable...what is the best way to achieve the above.
  5. Replace an Xml attribute/element value via Java


    I've the XML content as String. I need to search for a name (which can be an attribute name or element name) and need to replace the value of it.

    Currently i'm using regular expression to...
  6. Searching the XML string content using Regular Expression !!!!


    I'm having XML content as a string. I'm using W3C dom for getting values from the XML.

    I've a very large XML file with attributes, elements similar like below

  7. I read the contents. Sorry about that. i'll make...

    I read the contents. Sorry about that. i'll make sure that i don't cross post the same matter.

  8. Sorry i thought this was a different forum. ...

    Sorry i thought this was a different forum.

    Please help.

  9. How to extract substring from a string based on the condition ??


    I'm having a very large string which as below


  10. How to check whether the string contains only the specified characters ????


    I may get more than 1000 lines in a file. Each line ends with a new line character. Sometimes the file may have 4 lines.
    Other lines will have characters such as , : alone.

    I'm storing...
  11. How to extract a particular element details which has more references ???

    Hi All,

    I'm having many schema files (.xsd). Each schema files may include one or two external schema files.

    Example, <xs:include schemaLocation="wait-advanced.xsd"/>

    1) Assume that there...
  12. Xml Parse throws SaxParseException. Encoding is UTF-8 insteadof ISO-8859-1 ?

    Hi All,

    I'm having some korean characters in my xml. when i tried to parse the xml i'm getting SaxParseException .

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> --- Throwing Exception

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