SAP BODS (Business Objects DataServices)

The SAP BusinessObjects Data services application can help by delivering a single enterprise-class solution for data integration, data quality, data profiling, and text analysis that allows you to integrate, transform, improve, and deliver trusted data that supports critical business processes and enables sound decisions.
SAP BusinessObjects Data Services combines industry-leading data quality and integration into one platform. With Data Services, your organization can transform and improve data anywhere. You can have a single environment for development, runtime, management, security and data connectivity.
Course Details

SAP BODS Online Course Content:

DW Concepts:-
Dimensional Modeling
DW Lifecycle
DW Challenges

ETL Overview:-
ETL introduction
Staging Area
Business Rules
Slowly Changing Dimensions
Surrogate Keys
Facts and Dimension Tables
Different ETL Tools

Business Objects Overview:-

Data Services:-
Purpose of Data Services
Data Services architecture
Define Data Services objects
Data Services Designer interface

Data Services Objects:-
Object Hierarchy
Data Flows

Source and Target Metadata:-
Data Stores
File formats for flat files
File formats for Excel files
File formats for XML files
Lab Exercises

Environment setup:-
Creating repository
Setting Job Server
Setup for realtime operation
Setting multiple datastores
Starting Job servers
Lab Exercises

Batch Jobs:-
Work with objects
Create a data flow
Use the Query transform
Use target tables
Execute the job
Lab Exercises

Troubleshooting Jobs:-
Use descriptions and annotations
Validate and tracing jobs
Use View Data and the Interactive Debugger
Use auditing in data flows
Lab Exercises

Functions, Scripts and Variables:-
Define built-in functions
Functions in expressions
Lookup function
Decode function
Variables and parameters
Data Services scripting language
Scripting custom functions
Lab Exercises

Important Transforms:-
Map Operation transform
Validation transform
Merge transform
Case transform
SQL transform
Lab Exercises

Other Transforms:-
Pivot transform
Hierarchy Flattening transform
Data Transfer transform
XML Pipeline transform
Lab Exercises

Error Handling:-
Error Handling
Recoverable work flows

Change Data Capture:-
Update data over time
Database native CDC mechanisms
Source-based CDC
Target Comparison
Lab Exercises

Data quality Overview:-
Fundamentals of DQ and Data Cleansing
Built in DQ Transformations
Data Validation
Name & Address cleansing
De duplication
Cleansing other data
Lab Exercises

Web-Services and Real-Time Integration:-
Real Time Jobs
SOAP Introduction
Web Services

SAP Integration:-
Creating datastores for SAP databases
Accessing SAP data
Data extraction from ECC system to File, Table and SAP BI
Data extraction from ECC Extractors
Data Extraction from SAP BW