Excobot, Old School RuneScape’s Number 1 New Bot!

The long anticipated release is finally over!
ExcoBot is Old School RuneScape’s number 1 new free bot! Our client uses injection technology to deliver to you the smoothest and most efficient botting out there. Our exceptional developers have coded a lightweight client and in depth API that is easy to navigate and use,. Our client contains random event solvers, an integrated breaking system, and much more! Updates are being made constantly to make sure ExcoBot is reliable, safe, and effective. All of our Scripters are experienced in Java, and have written a countless number of flawless scripts, from Attack to Construction, and back again! We are sure that once you try out ExcoBot, you won’t go back.

ExcoBot was just launched publicly on November 10th, 2013. In that time we have had over 1000 registered members! We usually see about 200 active every day, which is why we are petition for YOU to come and join us! We have an experienced staff team that is constantly keeping our community together. Our RuneScape market is made up of experienced vendors that are trusted on multiple RuneScape underground communities, so there is no need to worry if you are buying gold or exchanging an account. We have plenty of sections on the forums where you can discuss, debate, troubleshoot, and game with other members. Are you good at graphic design? We have a section and even a rank for that. Do you want to learn scripting from the best? We have a section for that. Are you looking for someone to play League of Legends with? We have a section for that. Are you looking to troubleshoot your Java source code? We have a section for that too! We here at ExcoBot strive to have the most helpful and inviting community out there, and we are sure that you will agree with us when we say that it is.

We are in need of people who are knowledgeable in Java (like many people on these forums). Java is what is required in order to make scripts for RuneScape that do different tasks. It isn't hard to learn how to script, as we have an easy API that is very user friendly. There are plenty of people that are willing to help you to learn the basic mechanics of the game so that you can create awesome scripts!

You can join by simply going to excobot.org and registering your account. Once on the website, head over to this thread: http://www.excobot.org/forum/topic/9...site-tutorial/ It outlines a good guide for getting started on the forums. Grinding skills and obtaining your personal goals on RuneScape can be accomplished in no time. And not to mention, the client will be doing all the work! The community is friendly and growing rapidly so sign-up today and relax at –


We hope to see you there!
The ExcoBot Team