NOTE: I realize it is a bad idea to download any software from an unknown source. To prove this is not malware, please read this forum thread, where multiple users confirmed the safety of this program.

I wrote a very primitive chatbot for a school project, but I need at least thirty people to test it before Monday. Can I ask you to take five minutes to download the program here and test it? Simply follow the instructions below. Thank you for your help!

1. Download from SourceForge. Both "ChatbotExperiment.jar" and "" must be placed in the same folder for the program to work. I suggest creating an empty folder for the files.

2. Run "ChatbotExperiment.jar" (you must have Java installed) and follow the on-screen instructions. Talk to the chatbot until it has replied 25 times (it replies almost instantly so this will be a very short conversation).

3. Participate in the short survey that appears after the conversation is over. Entering your gender and age is NOT required, but it is appreciated as it will help me gather data for my project. If you do not feel comfortable sending me the results with your personal email address, you may paste the complete results to this thread, though I can assure you I will not save any of your email addresses and I will not distribute them to anyone else.

I'm very grateful for any participation I receive. Please take a short amount of time to help out a beginning computer science student.