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    Default Review request: Slick2D Game Development (free review copies)

    Hi! I'm looking for reviewers for newly published book titled, 'Slick2D Game Development'. I'll be happy to provide a free eBook copy to anyone interested in writing a review for this book specifically on their Blog/Website and Amazon site within 2 weeks after receiving the eBook copy.

    Read more about the book here : Slick2D Game Development | Packt Publishing

    You can contact me on for more information or drop a line in the comments below with following required details:

    1. Email address
    2. Choice of website for posting your book-review (can be your Blog/website and/or Amazon site) I shall get back to you as quickly as I can.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Review request: Slick2D Game Development (free review copies)

    Seems to me you're already too late. Slick2D is already a slumbering API and not further developed for quite some time now, the current trend is to use LibGDX in stead :/

    Did you check on That's basically the best place on the net to find people that can and are willing to help you.
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