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    Cool Developer Focus- Advanced Java Training - London - 4th October 2013

    Hi All, I’m getting in touch as we have a specialist Advanced Java course by Ben Evans/Matijn Verberg coming up on the 4th October 2013, which we believe would be of great value to your professional development.

    The course will cover the more advanced aspects of objects and collections, approaches to representing executing code (such as threadpools), reflection, classloading and finally monitoring with tools such as VisualVM. You will work primarily with Java 6, although there will be a couple of advanced topics which make use of new Java 7 features. There’ll be plenty of hands-on exercises (at least 25% of the day), which are all derived from real codebases.

    Advanced Java Programming with Martijn Verburg - Friday 04th October 2013 – London - £700 + VAT

    As the course is coming up soon we would be happy to offer you a discount of 10% just use the code AdvJav10 under ‘coupon code’ when booking.

    Advanced Java Programming with Martijn Verburg - DeveloperFocus

    Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.
    +44 (0)843 523 5765
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