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    Talking Called by Java reporting tools thourgh JDBC for massive data computing

    Most Java reporting tools only allows for one data source. In order to handle the computation with multiple data sources, the data will have to be pre-processed through the complicated SQL/stored procedures. The Java applications of multi-datasources may not only refer to multiple query results of one database, but also the query results from various databases, and even the data from the database or the Txt/Excel files. How to deal with such data computation?

    esProc provides the JDBC interface for external use and being called by Java reporting tools, shown in the follows:
    Called by Java reporting tools thourgh JDBC for massive data computing-111.jpg

    The reporting tool will receive the result returned by esProc via JDBC regarding esProc as a database. And after computation via esProc, it can be exported into the file format you need again.

    But the process is a little complex, I want to process it directly through Java or Java reporting tools, hope for better solutions or recommendations.

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    Default Re: Called by Java reporting tools thourgh JDBC for massive data computing

    Moved from JDBC.

    In your last thread, I advised you against advertising in the technical sections.
    How do you deal with computation during Java application development?

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