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    Default Waiting Until a Method is Finished

    Me and a partner are working on a project for a programming course. We're building a text based RPG with a main game mode GUI and Combat GUI. Every time we make an attempt to run the combat GUI the screen just appears blank and it is 100% unresponsive (it won't even close without stopping the program). Below is the called method. I'm not sure if there's anything that's directly in front of us that we can't see.
    Java Code:
    private void battleMode(){
            CombatLayout battle = new CombatLayout();
            CCT.combat = true;
            while(CCT.combat == true){
                if(CCT.combat == false){

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    Default Re: Waiting Until a Method is Finished

    Not much to go on but you are in a tight loop expecting some value to change and then catch it and exit the loop. You could be
    stuck in the event dispatch thread so your while loop will never see the change. But it is hard to tell. How much programming have you
    done using threads, events, timers, painting, frames, and networking? That (and probably more) is what you need to know to write the
    game you describe.

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    Default Re: Waiting Until a Method is Finished

    my first attempt would be to get rid of the infinite while loop and hook up an event to the change of that boolean variable.

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