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Thread: java.lang : Is lang a class?

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    Default java.lang : Is lang a class?

    I am new to Java :

    I would like to know when we access a Math function,

    Math is a class we know, but is Math class inside class lang ??

    As in is Math class a nested class??

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    Default Re: java.lang : Is lang a class?

    'lang' is a package and so is 'java'; 'lang' is a 'sub package' of 'java'.

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    Default Re: java.lang : Is lang a class?

    Quote Originally Posted by JosAH View Post
    'lang' is a 'sub package' of 'java'.
    I've always found the term 'subpackage' misleading. In my eyes there is no such thing. java is a package, java.lang is another package. They have no relation with each other at all.

    But the JLS uses the term too, so I'll have to accept its existence.
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    Default Re: java.lang : Is lang a class?

    These questions can be answered by taking a look at the API: Java Platform SE 8

    You've got the java.lang package: java.lang (Java Platform SE 8 )
    The java.math package: java.math (Java Platform SE 8 )
    And the Math class, in the java.lang package: Math (Java Platform SE 8 )
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