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    Default Missing Indentifier

    import java.util.*; //input from library of routines
    public class guessingGame
    public static void main(String[] args)
    int sN = 7;
    int yourGuess;
    int guessCount = 0;

    Scanner myInput = new scanner(;

    do {
    System.out.println.("Pick a number between 1 and 10");
    System.out.println("What is your guess?");
    yourGuess = myInput.nextInt();
    guessCount = guesscount + 1;
    System.out.println("That was guess number" + guessCount);

    if (yourGuess < sN)
    System.out.println("Too low. Guess higher!");
    if (yourGuess >sN)
    System.out.println("Too High. Guess lower!");

    }while (yourGuess != sN);

    System.out.println("You got it in" + guessCount + "guesses");

    if (guessCount > 3) System.out.println("You took too many guesses!");
    I'm getting an error that says identifier expected and the compiler points to this as the problem:("Pick a number between 1 and 10");
    What am I missing?

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    Default Re: Missing Indentifier

    You're not missing anything, you have one character too many, i.e. remove that dot after the 'println' method name on that offending line.

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