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    Default Compile Error: Cannot cast from integer to byte

    I have a msg object that contains an ArrayList<Integer> collection. However, in order to send the elements in the array over the udp socket, it needs to be sent as a byte[] array. So why am I using ArrayList<Integer> over byte array in first place? Well when I receive data from socket from embedded c program, I need to get an unsigned representation of the data, and thus I need to store it in integers, since bytes in Java are unsigned and unsigned chars in c that are greater than 127 will yield incorrect values in java. But when I send an ack back over the socket, I need to send the data back as bytes. So I convert the ArrayList<Integer> to a byte array:

    Java Code:
    	byte[] data = msg.toByteArray();		
        	DatagramPacket response = new DatagramPacket(data, data.length,
                    packet.getAddress(), packet.getPort());
            public class Gprs {
    	  public byte[] toByteArray(){
    		int i=0;
    		byte[] data = new byte[m_data.size()];
    		for(Integer item : m_data){
    			data[i] = (byte)m_data.get(i);

    The problem is I get an "Cannot cast from Integer to byte" when trying to cast the integer to byte: data[i] = (byte)m_data.get(i);

    How can I resolve this?

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    Default Re: Compile Error: Cannot cast from integer to byte

    Cannot cast from Integer to byte
    Integer is an object, byte is a primitive. An object can't be cast to a primitive.
    Try getting the int value out of the Integer object and cast that.
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    Default Re: Compile Error: Cannot cast from integer to byte

    Although the concept of casting is reasonably simple, the usage is complicated by the fact that Java has both primitive types (such as int, float, and boolean) and object types (String, Point, ZipFile, and the like).

    So what you need to do is to first get the inetrger value of the Object and use that to cast.

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