I have a Java program that reads an application configuration file and decryptes some information in it. My problem is that we normally keep all configuration files on a seperate disk device and then link that file back to its original location (dictated by the application) that the application is installed on and apparently there is embeded security within Java that will not allow decryption across devices. Is there a runtime option or something that can be added to java.policy or java.security that will allow Java to traverse a symbolic (soft) link and decrypt data?

Additional information:
This is a seeded program so no changes can be made to the program itself.
This is run on Solaris 10
Java version is SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_07-b06) (Dictated by the most common system component certifications)
I am (obviously) not a Java developer :).

If there is some piece of information that is neede to help answer this question please let me know. I am out of my element here but will gladly provide any information needed to enlist some help from any Guru out there that has some time to render some assistance.