I am new to Java, but not new to programming. I have been programming in Visual Basic and C# for many years, and have been in a major project for Asp.Net and C# for 2 years now. My project is ramping down so I thought I would venture out into the Java world for a while and see what it is like. I think I want to learn web based and have been looking at PrimeFaces with a Tomcat 7 server. After many attempts in the past few years I cannot seem to like the Eclipse interface. I tried it before in the past and it just does not click with me. I seem to like the Netbeans interface, it just makes sense to me.

Anyway on to the issue. I seem to understand beans, functions, routines, all of this looks familiar and easy to pick up. Many things I can relate to C# and Asp.net so within a few days I have a basic understanding and the light bulb is starting to come on. What I am having a hard time with is "too many options". On the interface thing there is what PrimeFaces, JSF and 10 others out there. On the database binding I cannot even figure out what I should be looking at. With Asp.net there was the SQLDataSource and that was pretty easy to pickup and plenty of examples, the binding was two way. I really did not have to do that much to get some data from MSSql on the form. Is there an easy way just to link from jdbc to the MySql database and get some data on the HTML page in RichFaces? Google has not been that helpful, the answers are all over the place and maybe that is because I am not even sure what to do a search for?