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    Default Java Memory issue.

    Dear Friends,

    I am newbie to Java programming. I developed a video display module in java using JMF on MAC OSX. Everything is working fine. I am using direct NIO buffer to read frames from native C code and this I am allocating only once. But I am facing very tricky issue and I am not getting where is the problem.

    The issue is, when video window opened and if I resize the video window randomly, in Activity Monitor of OSX, our process real memory is increasing and it is not reducing back. I ran VisualVM tool, here even though memory is more, after garbage collected it is decreasing, but at the same time it is not decreasing real memory used in Activity Monitor. I am not understanding where the problem is going on.

    Please help me get rid of this issue. Give any suggestions, so I can try further. Awaiting for your replay.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Default Re: Java Memory issue.

    You could try tuning the garbage collector to not keep such a large heap free.
    But it should reduce anyway.

    How big a spare heap are you seeing? Is it more than the 70% default?
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