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    Default Stacks

    Given the following interface for Stack objects:
    Java Code:
    public interface Stack<AnyType>{
    public boolean empty(); // true if stack empty
    public AnyType top(); // returns top element
    public AnyType pop(); // returns and removes top
    public void push(AnyType val); //adds to top
    and the following interface for Simple array objects:
    Java Code:
    public interface SimpArray<AnyType>{
    public AnyType get(int i); // returns the value at
    // index i
    Answer the following questions:
    i. Precisely describe how two stacks can be be used to implement
    the get() operation of SimpArray. Note, your implementation
    does not have to be efficient.

    How do I describe this question?

    ii. Can a single stack be used to implement a SimpArray datatype?
    Briefly justify your answer.

    What does this question means?

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    Default Re: Stacks

    Quote Originally Posted by Malv View Post
    How do I describe this question?
    I'd say: the question is well formulated; the note is a real spoiler.

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