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    Default other uses for "super"?

    I am pretty to Java and am reading through a lot of examples and other people's classes I came across a use of super(); that threw me off:
    Java Code:
    public class Example
    	private static final Example[] lib = new Example[68];
    	public Example(){
    		final char c=Thread.currentThread().getThreadGroup().getName().charAt(0);
    		if(lib[c]==null) lib[c]=this;
    This class is not a subclass of anything, so I was a little confused by it showing up here and all google results point to super being for use in subclasses only. So i guess my question is: Are there other ways of using super?


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    Default Re: other uses for "super"?

    If a class doesn't explicitly extend another class, it implicitly extends from the Object class, the mother of all classes. It is kind of futile to call the no-args super class constructor with super() because if you leave it out, the compiler will do it for you.

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    Default Re: other uses for "super"?

    When you define a class

    Java Code:
    public class Example
    is the same as this:

    Java Code:
    public class example extends Object
    So in a way, when the Example class you build inherits Object and another class extends Example, it is basically multiple inheritance, but it is common to all classes.
    And since a few methods are inherited from Object you can call them with super. --- super.toString() for instance.

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