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    Default Bucky's JAVA tutorials 1-15

    Hey to the new people out here, I learned java from bucky's channel: thenewboston. he also has a website with all his tutorials. I decided to do my fellow beginner java learners a favor by providing them with explanations or notes for the first 15 tutorials in Bucky's beginner Java Series. I have attached them as a picture and text file. WHEN YOU OPEN THE TEXT FILE, IT IS RECOMMENDED YOU OPEN IT WITH NOTEPAD++ OR ANOTHER TEXT EDITOR BECAUSE THE NORMAL NOTEPAD ON WINDOWS WILL MAKE IT LOOK DISORGANIZED AND HARD TO READ. I will be posting the next 15 tutorial notes shortly

    Here is the link incase pics dont attach:

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Bucky's JAVA tutorials 1-15-tutorials-1-15.png  
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