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Thread: Changing colors

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    Default Changing colors

    So.. how exactly would you alter the color of just one object?
    for instance say i have the following in my graphics method:

    Java Code:
    g.drawString("Knights Ammo: "+kammo, 5, 10);
    g.drawOval(knightPositionX -5, knightPositionY -5, aw[0], ah[0]);
    how would i make it so the String stays in white but the oval is drawn in say red?
    ive tried implementing this
    Java Code:
    but it seems to make all my text red.. which i dont want.
    help please, thanks!

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    Default Re: Changing colors

    Before you draw the String, set the color to Color.WHITE and before you draw the oval, set the color to Color.RED.

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