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Thread: Need help willing to pay!

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    Default Need help willing to pay!

    I have an assignment due in 45 mins and i would appreciate if anyone could help me. I dont know exactly what im doing wrong but i know a lot is wrong and missing. Im willing to pay $20 via paypal to whoever can help me.
    Here is the original code
    Java Code:
    //Add import to allow input
    		String head1 = "Number: ";
    		String head2 = "Multiplied by 2: ";
    		String head3 = "Multiplied by 3:  ";
    		int numberCounter = 0; 	
    		int doubled;		// Stores the number multiplied by 2.
    		int tripled; 	        // Stores the number multiplied by 3.
    		final int NUM_LOOPS = 100;
                    int SmallerNum;
                    int LargerNum;
                    //assign the small number entered to SmallerNum using if condition
                    //decalr variables to accept input
                   head2 =JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter Small Number: ");
                   head3 =JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter Large Number: ");
                    //convert input into integers
                doubled  = Integer.parseInt(head2);
                tripled  = Integer.parseInt(head3);
                    //assign larger num to appropriate variable
    		System.out.println(SmallerNum + " through "  + LargerNum +   " multiplied by 10 and by 100" + "\n");
    		numberCounter = SmallerNum; 
    		// use a do while loop
                        doubled = numberCounter * 2;
                        tripled = numberCounter * 3;
    			 // Multiply by 2.
    			 // Multiply by 3.
    			System.out.println(head1 + numberCounter);
    			System.out.println(head2 + doubled);
    			System.out.println(head3 + tripled);
    		} //cosntruct while loop condition
                      while (numberCounter <= NUM_LOOPS);
                    // End of do while loop.
    		// This is the work done in the endOfJob() method
    	} // End of main() method.
    } // End class.

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    Default Re: Need help willing to pay!

    If you are willing to pay someone to do your work for you, you should have taken Management Classes instead of Programming 101.

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    Default Re: Need help willing to pay!

    The is not a rent-a-coder forum; I'm closing this thread.

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