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    Default chars being read from a file not treated like literals


    I'm reading a txt one line at a time and I'm using this (pseudo, I'm hoping I don't have to provide the real code):

    Java Code:
    FileInStream fs = new fs("file");
    Scanner sc = new scan(fs);
    while (sc.hasnextline())
       input = sc.nextline();
       valLength = input.length();
       bitpos = valLength - 1;
       valconv = 0;
       while (bitpos >= 0)
          valtemp = input.substring(bitpos, bitpos + 1)
          power = (double) bitpos;
          if (valtemp != "0")
             valconv = valconv + Math.pow(2, power);
    "valtemp" is a string and so is "input". all of the numbers in the file are bins, like:

    Java Code:
    but the code is telling me that "valtemp" is *always* not 0, so basically always 1. not true. if I check for "1" instead of "not 0", the condition is *never* true. what am I missing here guys?


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    Default Re: chars being read from a file not treated like literals

    When you comparing two strings for equality always use the equals() or equalsIgnoreCase() method. Never use the == or != operator it doesn't work for string equality comparison.
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    Default Re: chars being read from a file not treated like literals

    If you want to use == and actually have your characters treated as literals, you can use the charAt() method of the String class.

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