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    Default Wont let me uninstall Java

    lately, I have been trying to clear as much from my hard drive without doing a full wipe. However, I have run into some problems.

    Java is one of the many programs I am trying to clear from my hard drive, but it wont let me uninstall.

    When I go to control panel and hit "uninstall" it says to shut down all accociated programs and or processes that use this. The process in question is javaw.exe. I go to Task Manager to end it, and i click end. Nothing happens. it goes along like normal and will not go away. I hit "end process tree". nothing happens. I am beginning to get worried just because I despise any type of malware. I'm not saying that what I have is malware, but the fact that it wont let me delete is deeply worrying me. Can anyone help?

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    Default Re: Wont let me uninstall Java

    Is your javaw.exe also used as a plugin for your (IE) browser? Your browser uses it for Applets; tell your browser not to use it anymore and simply uninstall (or delete) all your Java stuff.

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