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    Question Deep Copy Constructor

    I need some help in implementing deep copy constructor and not using the clone method. I understand that in order for the deep copy to work, you are making a copy of the object and not just the address pointing to that object. Otherwise if you make changes to one the original object will also observe the change. However, I am having problem with putting it into practice.

    Java Code:
      * This is the main method.
      * It creates a Team object and then tests the copy constructor.
      public static void main(String[] args)
    		Team team1 = new Team("The Java Studs", "Bill", "Ted", "Carol", "Alice", 
    					 new Competition("ACM Programming Contest","The Java Studs", "Team University Java", 2008),
    					 new Competition("Antarctic Programming Contest","The Java Studs", "Frigid South", 2010) );
    		Team team2 = new Team(team1);	// Copy constructor
    		// Change competition information for team2
    		team2.getCompetition1().setWinner("Mmm Java");
    		team2.getCompetition1().setRunnerup("Java By Night Java By Day");
    		// Output information for both team1 and team2.
    		// Team1's should be unchanged from the original values.
    Java Code:
    	* Team copy constructor;  Performs a deep copy from the Competition class
    	* instead of just copying a reference to the same Competition objects.
     	public Team(Team otherTeam)
     		Team copyTeam = new Team();
    This is my output from command line when I try to run it.
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
    at Team.main(

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    Default Re: Deep Copy Constructor

    You have things back-to-front in your copy constructor. You need to copy/set the attributes of the passed-in Team to the current instance ("this")

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    Default Re: Deep Copy Constructor

    It could be that I need coffee this morning but could you help me understand this with an example? I tried fixing the codes but I feel that I'm only referencing the address because the changes are being observed by both team1 and team2.

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    Default Re: Deep Copy Constructor

    It's a constructor, not a clone() method, so there is no copyTeam object.
    You need to do:
    Java Code:
    etc etc
    That will give you a second Team object that references the same data that the original Team object references.
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