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    Default Generate random numbers that haven't been generated before.


    I'm relatively new to Java and programming, and I've come accross a problem.
    I'm having a 2-dimensional array which holds an Object.

    Java Code:
    public DataItem[][] dataTiles = new DataItem[tileWidth][tileHeight];
    The DataItem class has only two variables a x and a y value.
    Each array index stands for a position in the world, so if you would have a DataItem with x = 4 and y=32 then it's place in the array would be: dataTiles[4][32].

    The position of the dataItem is randomly generated:

    Java Code:
    int randX = (int)(Math.random()*tileWidth);
    int randY = (int)(Math.random()*tileHeight);
    DataItem dat = new DataItem(randX, randY);
    dataTiles[randX][randY] = dat;
    However the problem is that there is a change that there are two data items at the same coördinates.
    This is not allowed to happen, so these randX and randY variables can only be a empty place in the world.

    Could anybody point me in the right direction of how to do such a thing?

    P.S. I hope that I made the problem clear if not just ask :)
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    Default Re: Generate random numbers that haven't been generated before.

    Sounds like you're going to have to keep track of which coordinates you've already used, then check against it when creating a new one. Or you could go the other way around and start out with a collection of valid locations, then remove them or mark them as invalid as you place coordinates.
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    Default Re: Generate random numbers that haven't been generated before.

    I think we've had something like this before, and one solution was a List<Coordinates> (in your case), and using Collections.shuffle().
    Then simply iterate over the shuffled list, assigning DataItems to the coordinates.
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